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Applicants must apply on our website to be considered. Your application is only the first step. Please fill out our full application on our website if you are interested in working for us, and to receive an interview for this position you must send in an audition video within 48 hours of submission of your application. 

Short Description

Do you have a great personality, sense of humor, or people-skills? We can train you to be a great tour guide! Our Tour Guide position is a fast-paced, exciting showcase of your talents and skills as an entertainer. Previous relevant experience is not required, but highly preferred. Guide groups of participants through a haunted town while performing a script of haunted history, folklore, and legend. Share spooky stories with an enthusiastic and captivated crowd.

We are a multi-award winning company, that showcases individuals with charisma, confidence, and drive. This job is perfect for those who are looking for a part-time job that showcases their skills, such as acting, social connection, comedy, performance arts, and public speaking. Great side income for college students and retirees, and the perfect stage for entertainers and actors to hone their skills.

Job Details
We are hiring for the Halloween 2022 season, but most seasonal employees choose to stay after that. Our busy season is from Sept. 15th to Nov. 15th, and training for this season starts NOW. We are open year-round.

Our guides are responsible for leading a group of up to 30 people through a haunted town while reciting historical dates and facts, folklore and legends in an entertaining and enthusiastic way. Guides must be able to walk and stand for hours at a time, and have the ability to speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard without a microphone. Guides will answer questions about the stories and history, as well as need to know a plethora of occult and paranormal facts. Guides are strong leaders and enthusiastic storytellers who strive to provide exceptional entertainment while keeping the attention of the crowd at all times. Guides dress up in period clothing between the 1910 to 1930s era, or in gothic professional attire.

Job Highlights:

Flexible schedule - you determine what days and hours you want to work

Tips and bonuses - All tips are yours to keep

Be yourself! We love to showcase unique and/or big personalities

Part-time hobby you get paid for!

Hours: Anywhere from 2 to 15 hours per week, depending on the needs of the schedule and your availability. Our tour schedule changes by season, but most tours are 1.5 hours long, and guides can choose to work 1 to 3 tours per day.

Pay starts at $40 per hour, and goes up to $50 after receiving satisfaction ratings above 4 stars within 3 months. You keep any and all tips given to you as tour guide.

Training program: Our 6 tour training program is essential to provide enough situational experience to prepare our trainees for their future as a Houston Ghost Tour guide. Aspiring guides will follow our professional team members through 6 required tour visits. Once the minimum required tours have been seen and requirements for employment is met, trainees will get the opportunity to sign on for employment and will receive the script to begin memorizing lines. After memorization and training is complete, new guides will perform their first tour with another seasoned guide to back them up until they are ready to be on their own performing tours. Pay begins at $40 per tour after the first tour performance, and goes up to $50 within 3 months with positive feedback or reviews.

We are hiring now for the Halloween season in order to train guides to be experts and highly prepared for the huge Halloween crowd tours we will have.

Skills and traits we are looking for:

Outgoing and friendly personality, not afraid to speak to people and large crowds

Experience with acting, performing, public speaking, teaching, guiding, management, or equivalent is a huge plus

Strong work ethic and self-motivated to succeed

Ability to handle difficult people and difficult situations

Customer service industry experience is a great advantage

Neat and clean appearance, good hygiene is a must

Talent for public speaking and commanding a crowd

Must have a loud speaking voice, and the ability to talk to over 30 people without a microphone

Capability of memorizing a 2+ hour script of historical dates, names, and places and the ability to recite them in an entertaining way

Strong leadership skills

A 2 to 5 minute audition is required

Please visit our website to fill out the full application to be considered for employment. We will not hire based on the Indeed application. All applicants who are interested in the training program to become a tour guide must fill out the official application on our website at

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$40 to $50 per tour


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Tour Guide

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Auditions are open from July 10th 2022, and end on August 30th, 2022
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Wednesday, August 31, 2022