Art for Healing

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This is also open to Visual and Performing Artists, or those studying anthropology, acting, creative writing, or yoga
Winners will be paid to be in a documentary film shot within an hour of your home, or ideally LA, Sedona, Ojai, or Joshua Tree.

If you are a visual artist, your work may be sold in our gallery before and after, but any art created during the retreat is destroyed just after you make it to do a ritual-ceremonial purging.
The subject is a person facing divorce. You are there to listen, model accetpance, create art, and then burn it.

You simply pay attention. You listen.
Then, you create art out of the subject's sadness, loneliness, and frustraiton.
Then burn it and spread the ashes on yourself and the subject.

You also have training in a variety of techniques including Karpman's Drama Triangle.

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Pre-training is free. Runners Up are paid to present and create new art at "the retreat" at a rate of $200 per 8 hours ( room/board are covered). Winners (2) are eligible to be paid $150 per hour to conduct our NASA "art and healing study"


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Nudity is not required, but indicate if you would use it? Would you be nude? Would the subject be nude? ARE both of you nude at the same time or different times? Now, some artists do not want to be paid so they don't have to destroy their art.  That can be pre-arranged, but if so, indicate below this interest. Lastly, are you free to Zoom with the subject on Tuesdays or Wednesdays from now until November?

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December 21-30 (you won't be needed every day, nor for 8 hours each day). Ideally, you can stay at the residence in your own bedroom or share with another same-sex facilitator, but our goal is to find a luxury Airbnb near your home. As this is the Xmas holiday, we may not have this option and may be near Josua Tree, Ojai, Sedona, or other location within 4 hours of LA. There may be final interviews done in-person in late November if you are available. This is all filmed, but the crew will wear masks or we will be outside.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2023
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Pre-training is free. 

Runners Up are paid to present and create new art at "the retreat" at a rate of $200 per 8 hours ( room/board are covered).

Winners (2) are  eligible to be paid $150 per hour to conduct our NASA "art and healing study" while running the art department for