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Beyond the White Veil


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Hamilton Productions


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This is a feature film that will be entered into several film festivals, including ScreamFest and Dragon Con. Will also be released online for rental and purchase. Tells the story of Merlin the wizard, who has three days to save a young witch named Morgan le Fay from being enslaved by an evil spirit. This film combines elements of horror and fantasy. Nonunion. 

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$230 for one day of filming


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Goddess: Nimue, the Lady of the Lake

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Seeking a physically fit female dancer the role of a seductive Pagan Goddess for a feature film to be shot this June in Lawrenceville, GA. The role pays 230 dollars for one day of filming, which will be delivered on day of filming. Movie will be entered into several film festivals, including Dragon Con and ScreamFest. Movie will also be made available online for purchase and rental. Due to COVID, special precautions will be taken. All camera equipment will be wiped down. Social distancing will be practiced in between takes. Filming will be for one day in Lawrenceville, GA, during the last eight days of June.

This Pagan Goddess lives in a lake in a medieval forest. She is powerful, wise, slightly spiteful, and full of sensual energy. Think of Lady Galadriel from THE LORD OF THE RINGS, with a hard-nosed, sexual edge. Pagan Goddess has nine pages of dialogue, as well as a highly enticing dance. For a reference for what I am looking for, please look at Selma's Hayak's dance from the movie FROM DUSK TIL DAWN. She plays a sexy vampire in a bikini who dances (actually, she just struts around) with a python around her neck. (Python will not be present for this movie, unless the performer asks for it.) Performer will be treated will full respect at all times. Minimal cast and crew will be present for her scenes; five people in total.9 pages of dialogue, plus a dance--to be shot over the course of one day. Several pages will be shot in one shot. Actress must be able to use a believable English accent.

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Will be shooting in the woods in Lawrenceville on the bank of a lake, during the last eight days of June, Goddess Role will be filmed in one day.
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Sunday, January 31, 2021