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.Hi guys, it's about that time of year again for me to start designing another magazine!

For those who don't know me, my is ahmad coltrain haynes and I'm a graphic design artist from. Chicago, IL. From the beginning of the summer untill about October every year, I design a magazine that encapsulates just how i feel, ideas i have, things i've learned and so forth. 

This year's theme is "intimacy" and I want to try to get together a few models for the imagery of this section of my magazine as well as getting some interview style questions answered.

DISCLAIMER: although. i'm still getting the official look of how I want the models together, this entry may include nude photography. a link to last year's magazine that i designed will be put in. the. discription for you all to see what exactly my previous work looks like (:

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Friday, May 28, 2021
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.For aditional Information, this photoshoot will be totally remote. ALL photos will be taken and submitted by the model  (or with your own photographer if you would like). After sending your email/text regarding your interest in this casting call, we will decide on what photos I need you to take and what I would like you to. submit.

I'm a graphic designer that primarily uses imagery of the human body to express. and communicate ideas. For the last magazine I met for a photoshoot with all of the models, but this year because of COVID ad new ideas, I would like to. take a different approach. Please refer to the link in this description to see last year's magazine so you can have a more clear reprsentation. of my work, words can only do so much. 

FIANLLY: If you're just an artist, or you don't feel. like you're "model matreial" i encourage you to submit anyways.