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The House of Red Velvet

The House of Red Velvet is surrealistic and euphoric performance dark art theater. We are an established show from Los Angeles, and have done shows in San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland in the US. The show has been running for four years, and is produced by Olivia Bellafontaine.

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Thursday, December 31, 2020
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Performance Artist

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The House of Red Velvet is holding an open call audition for performance artists, contortionists, ballerinas, opera singers, dancers, or anyone with an interesting performance skill. Only accepting great attitudes, professionalism, and hungry performers. This production requires dedication, loyalty, love, open-mindedness, and understanding.

We are looking for fearless, confident, talented, emotionally present women with their own style of sex appeal, and an impeccable stage presence. If you have had interesting life experiences, can translate that to stage, and make people feel something when they watch you, then we are interested in you. 

Preference goes to those who are ok with fetish themes and the possibility of nudity or topless performances. Nudity is not required by any means, but at times it makes more sense in the production to be topless or nude. Sometimes this means nude with sheer coverings, etc. We want performer comfortability first, and would like people who can be a bit flexible and comfortable in this area. 

This is not a burlesque show. This is performance art. Please look at the show website and know what we do before submitting.

Please send a short intro of your experience, photos, and a video link. We understand that you may not have video of these types of performances. Anything that shows your movemnt or skill is ok. Or if you would like to send something simple from a phone camera, that is ok. We want to see your skill level, and how you move and provoke emotion.

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Thank you. We look forward to your submissions.

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