Casual Technician: Stage / Lighting / Sound / Wardrobe

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Queens Theatre Hornchurch


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To work alongside the in-house team to deliver to the highest standard the technical and backstage aspects of Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch’s work in a friendly, welcoming and highly professional manner. 

We are looking for Casual technicians across a number of disciplines, Lighting, Sound, Stage, Wardrobe. As part of a pool of casuals we will contact you if a shift becomes available and what we are looking for. Please note this is a zero-hour position. 

The Stage casuals will assist with putting up or taking down the scenery for the show. This may include unloading or loading a lorry. 

The Lighting casuals will assist with the rigging & striking of the lights for the shows. 

The Sound casuals will assist with the rigging & striking of the sound for the shows. 

There are also opportunities to be the followspot operator. 

Wardrobe casuals will work as a Dresser for the show helping the actors with the quick changes. 

The potential shifts are across the week and a number of them will involve unsocial hours. This is a casual appointment, no fixed hours.

Experience of this kind of work is desirable however in-house training will be available. 

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£9.50 per hour


Listing Deadline: 
Monday, October 31, 2022