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Cast for performing in Odesa (Ukraine) and Berlin (Germany)


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NGO "Mystetske Kolo"




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Our organization has been creating and showing musical performances in Ukraine for 7 years. Now we are preparing a theater project for co-production between Ukraine and Germany.

The project involves the creation of a performance in English with a mixed cast of actors from both countries (7 artists and 3 technicians).

The result of this project, the play called "Futuristic Opera - 2014", will be performed in Odesa and Berlin. The play concentrates on the occupation and seizure of Ukrainian territory by the Russian Federation and is aimed to raise the issue of respect for foreign borders. The story told in the play is cyclical (it was before, it is happening today) and any military action affects not only geopolitical processes, but also brings misfortune and devastation to the homes of ordinary people. The futuristic opera "2014" is a tragic story of one family, whose visitors one day become a night patrol with weapons. In addition to scenery and costumes, elements of video art are also used as a set design in the play.

We are searching talanted actors in Berlin for our progect. It's paid postion. Please fill the form:

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200$ per show


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Friday, September 24, 2021