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Dancers & Choreographers

Citofonare PimOff - Residencies programme for contemporary dance


Citofonare PimOff reaches its 8th edition and as every year launches an international call for contemporary dance projects in the creation phase, which have never debuted, in Italy or abroad, and which have never been presented to the public in finished form. It will be possible to send applications from 15th March to 30th April 2022. The winners of Citofonare PimOff are assigned a period of...

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Freelance Model for Content Creation

Lifestyle Content Creator - Freelance Position We are looking for men and women of all ages to take part in an ongoing digital project, by capturing their daily life through photos. This photographic content will be used on a digital database for web developers to create backdrops, video game detailing and internet comparisons. Your information will not be used anywhere without your consent and...


Selfie Model

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Sound Tech/Music engineer volunteer


A new project is being born among the plots of NICOLA Arts: a digital and visual radio that could tell different social realities through music. The main objective, therefore, will be to hunt emerging artists and conduct interviews to deepen their art, trying to connect them to specific civil issues or to complex social realities. The programs will be composed also by a live music session,...

Staff / Crew

Sound Tech

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Short Films


Rogue Chimera Films LLC

FLOWER is a short psychological horror film being produced in Florida. This is a NON-UNION production. A woman seeks to find out what happened to her missing daughter by confronting the only known survivor of a sadistic kidnapper. While there is no nudity or sexual situations in this story, it does have disturbing themes such as forced confinement and psychological conditioning.      



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Student Films

Kafka's Bird

Paris College of Art/Emerson College

Synopsis: Set in Germany, in 1924. Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant (his lover) encounter Ruth Baumman (a young orphan) crying over her lost doll in the park. As a means of comforting her, Kafka writes her letters, as if from the doll, about her adventures traveling the world. They develop a friendship. As Kafka is dying of tuberculosis and will soon move to Prague, he must figure out a viable...


Franz Kafka

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Hostess on Dubai Expo 2020!

Emirates Party

We are looking for hostess on Dubai Expo 2020 (Dubai, UAE)! Join the making of a new world at the greatest showcase of human brilliance and achievement - Dubai Expo 2020! Meet the richest people in the world (princes, kings, sheikhs) there! We pay 600$/day plus you get tickets and hotel 5*. Conditions: Paid quarantine We buy tickets for you Residence in a 5 * hotel Spa, gym, pool, beach in your...

Staff / Crew

Hostess on Dubai Expo 2020!

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