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Our residency program is open to ceramics / sculpture and all artistic disciplines (visual arts, performance, new media, etc.) and other creative practices. We are very interested in new forms and approaches. This symposium will provide a creative platform for experimental workshops where artists from a variety of backgrounds can engage in creative practice using contemporary and traditional forms of ceramic expression. Dialogue between artists will encourage research, experimentation and innovation in art. The theme of this year’s symposium – sustainability. We do offer the material - Bon China, which carries in itself approximately 50 percent of calves bone ash, taken from the agricultural waste.

Participants will get to know local environment and cultural context and create bone china artwork for the intended exhibition space - in Kaunas Picture Gallery, subdivision of Čiurlionis National Museum. The grand opening of the exhibition is going to be on June 26, 2020. International Bone China Symposium is organized by Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty. It is partially funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture and will join European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022 programme.


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Peruvian Amazon Storytelling Workshop Call for Applications


Real Lives Multicultural Association is inviting visual artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, poets, artisans to apply for the

Peruvian Amazon Storytelling Workshop June 24th to July 04th 2020

For 10 days, 15 passionate writers, artists and filmmakers will be submerged in the density of the Peruvian Amazonas and the lives of the local Shawi. Guided by a diverse Team of acclaimed international creatives and Peruvian indigenous leaders, participants will be exposed to the raw nature of the rainforest, conflicting forces impacting indigenous communities and sustainable activities to address climate change.

Each participant will develop a short provocation/artwork under the guidance and supervision of the Team. Unlike other workshops, the local inhabitants will not be mere characters in these stories but will serve as mentors, project collaborators and cultural mediators. The process of creation will require some form of partnership between local and international storytellers in defining, style, method, message and culture.

The workshop will take place in various setting including the urban river-based culture of Iquitos, the tropical rainforest surroundings of the Allpahuayo Mishana Reserve, and the facilities of Formabiap’s indigenous bi-lingual education centre at Zúngarococha.

For more info and to apply please go to our website and contact us through the online form.

Teaching staff:
Rafael Chanchari Pizuri; Shawi teacher, shaman and philosopher (Peru)
Juan Carlos Galeano; poet, filmmaker, professor (Colombia/US)
Sophie Beer; object artist, art historian, cultural manager (AT)
Leoncio Ramirez Vasquez; photographer, producer, Peruvian Amazon expert (Peru)
Mark Abouzeid; filmmaker, photojournalist, storyteller (US /IT/LB)

PAY IT FORWARD - Proceeds from the workshop will be used to support Voces Indígenas Pilot Project (Peru): Empowering indigenous youth through Documentary Filmmaking.

For more info and to apply please go to website and contact us through the online form.


PAY IT FORWARD - Proceeds from the workshop will be used to support Voces Indígenas Pilot Project (Peru): Empowering indigenous youth through Documentary Filmmaking.

Tuition fee includes: Individual Field Kits (Value €500): 1 DJI Osmo Pocket, 1 art-quality sketchbook, 1 USB with background information, and 1 dry sack to protect your gear.

All accommodations – 11 nights.
Three daily meals for 10 days.
Availability of drinking water 24h.
Iquitos Airport Transfers.
Local Transportation in motorboat/canoe/vehicle for location visits and excursions.
Local Guides – translators.
Use of specialized equipment including drones, audio recording and field cameras.


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Curated By. Lacy Barry





Applications are now open for the first of our series of Artist & Fashion curated jewellery exhibitions. Merging the worlds of Fashion, Jewellery & Art we launch a new, ongoing series of jewellery exhibitions in our Berlin based showroom.

Titled ‘Curated By’, AA-COLLECTED will be working with a selection of talented Artists and/or Designers to curate a series of jewellery exhibitions alongside exhibitions of the artists work.

As with our previous series at BACHT Showroom in Vienna, which was included in Vienna’s Schmuck Tage & Vienna City Gallery Walk we aim to disregard the border between Art & Fashion jewellery, pushing forward simply with our appreciation of design in the form of jewellery and looking to give artists of both disciplines opportunities in the two alternative worlds.


Curated By. LACY BARRY


Lacy Barry is a paper artist, she makes sculptural paper artworks in vibrant tactile colors. She will be exhibiting a series of wall hung works that consist of two components; physical 3D paper sculpted wings & florals against a printed canvas mural that looks something like a colorful light explosion or kaleidoscope.

Each work has an individual color story that is portrayed in combinations of colors and tactile structures.


Concept Call-out 

"This curation is all about color and tactile structures portrayed in Jewellery & Art. In your submission you can use any single or combination of materials in your work so as long as it posses the aspects of Jewellery.

Pieces of adornment can be but do not have to solely consist of precious stones and metals, their composition can reach into further tactile materials such as acrylics, leather, velvets and so on.

The main attribute is that they are composed in vibrant color complimentary to the ‘Little Wing X Exploding Florals Series’ being exhibited."


Selected Jewellers Receive

⁃ Opportunity to showcase and sell in our retail showroom and online platform 

-Feature in Event post on Klimt02

⁃ High resolution images of your work in our event photos.

⁃ Inclusion in exhibition Opening Reception event mid March with drinks and event photographer.

⁃ Promotion across our social network platforms.



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Odesa Photo Days 2020




Odesa Photo Days International Festival 2020 will be held from April 23 to 26 in Odesa, Ukraine. The theme of the sixth festival is «Who Is Next To You». By March 1st, 2020, a series of works are accepted in the framework of an open call for participation in the main exhibition of the festival.


How often do we pay attention to the people around us? What do we know about our sexual partners, people living under the same roof with us, our children, our friends, or strangers that we run into in a supermarket or on a bus? Entertaining illusions that we know how people in the neighboring countries live, we only know, in fact, that what hits the news. What is more, sometimes we cannot name the bordering states, and different tastes and opinions still take us aback. Finally, finding ourselves near OTHERS who hold different opinions than we do, we feel discomfort and aggression rather than willingness to listen to them and to understand them.

The contemporary world is open thanks to the Internet—and closed because of our social interaction bubbles. The information flow is massive—and, at the same time, controlled and limited in every given country. Smartphone apps help us meet new people—but meeting them, we get embarrassed, having no idea how to spend more than half an hour in their company. We call on you to turn your attention to people around you, to try to understand the OTHER, to learn about people who are geographically distant but live in the same hemisphere as you do. We would like to see and show you stories about other, unfamiliar traditions, values, and passions. This will help us understand what unites all of us—so different from each other—and whether it unites us at all.

The visual design used the work by Ukrainian artist Anastasiia Starko.

The deadline for accepting applications is March 1, 2020.
The results will be announced in the end of March 2020.


Participation in the main exhibition of Odesa Photo Days 2020


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Critical Mass


Critical Mass is a new artist learning and development project by Mark Devereux Projects. Providing a comprehensive programme of critical conversations, skill sharing and career development support – the content will be fully tailored to the requirements of each individual artist.

Designed in response to the needs of artists, Critical Mass has been created to offer responsive, affordable and accessible learning and development for ten practitioners who have been outside of undergraduate education for three or more years.

Critical Mass is an eleven-month programme, punctuated by five creative retreats (each up to 4 days) in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Each retreat will be centred on a specific theme. Individual sessions and workshops within the retreats will be tailored to the requirements highlighted by the participating artists. The programme will be designed and delivered by Mark Devereux Projects and invited guest speakers.

The retreats will provide a holistic approach to learning through the combination of information-led workshops, peer sharing and hands-on practical experiences. Participants will be encouraged to test and develop new approaches within the making, presentation and display of their work through producing their own events, interventions and informal exhibitions during the creative retreats.

Participating artists will benefit from regular Skype one-to-one mentoring/advice sessions with Mark Devereux every 6-8 weeks.

We will ensure each artist concludes the programme with the knowledge, tools and information they need to take the next steps in making their work and gaining opportunities for their future careers. As an entirely independent programme, we can be responsive and reactive to each individual’s practice.


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Arctic Art Week 2020




ARCTIC ART WEEK 2020  / Apply now!

The 17th International Sculpture Symposium in Finnish Lapland

From 6th to 12th of August 2020      

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Kiilopääntie 9, 99830 Saariselkä, Finland

Arctic Art Week Symposium has brought international artists together since 2003 in order to create new sculptures or other art works in the area of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. There are already more than 180 art works to be found around the Kakslauttanen Resort, inside or outside.

Now, in 2020, we are again looking for fresh proposals and, specially, new participants!

The symposium rules:

Organizer: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland, 250 km north from the Arctic Circle (40 km from Ivalo Airport).

Material provided by organizer: Very old pine tree logs (diameter 35-50 cm, lenght 200-400 cm), timber wood, steel plates and bars, concrete…also other material wishes can be considered.


The art work can be abstract, realistic, an installation or land art (environmental art).

This year we are specially looking for reliefs, mountable to the outside walls of the log houses.

A picture of a log house / log igloo is attached.

Also proposals for a free standing sculpture (outside) can be considered. But it should include a roof upon it or should be of other material than wood (like steel or concrete).

The art work proposal must be new, not previously shown in other occasions, and it should adapt to the harsh winter climate in Lapland. In the winter there could be about one meter snow outside by the log house wall and temperatures up to minus 40 degrees Celsius.                                            

Travelling: The organizer will pay as travel costs a fixed cash amount of 500 € for artists from Europe and 800 € for artists from other continents once arrived in symposium. The closest airport is Ivalo (transfer bus to Kakslauttanen takes about 40 min). It is also possible to fly/travel by train to Rovaniemi and catch a bus from there to Kakslauttanen (3,5 hours drive). Persons accompanying the artist must pay their own travel costs.

Accommodation: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort will provide free accommodation for the artists (2 pax in an apartment or a log house) and free meals (breakfast, soup lunch, dinner) during the whole symposium. Persons accompanying the artist should pay their own accommodation and meals (special price: 70 € /person /day). Bed linen and towels are included.

Tools: The artists are asked to bring their own tools. The organizer has some chain saws and small grinders and a welding machine. Technical and lifting help will be provided.

Art Works: The artist must complete the sculpture/art work during the Arctic Art Week.

The workplace is outside and it is covered by a waterproof sheet.

The art works made during the symposium become property of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort and will be installed and shown in a public space at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort area. The artist should be involved in the installation of his/hers work at the end of the symposium.


Insurance: The artist should have his/her own personal insurance in order to be able to participate in the symposium. The artist works under his/her own responsibility.

The artist should arrive one day before the symposium begins and could stay until 13th of August. If you wish, it is possible to stay in Kakslauttanen for a longer time; in that case please ask for special accommodation prices for the participating artists.

The symposium also includes some leisure program such as gold panning and a visit to Kakslauttanen Art Gallery, Igloo Tower and Planetarium.


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