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Each year Blue Line Arts hosts a charity poker event, All In for the Arts, to raise funds for our nonprofit organization. This year all proceeds will go towards lighting maintenance and improvement costs, to help us purchase and repair the aging track lights that illuminate all of the art on display at the gallery. We are seeking original works of art to display and sell before and during the event.

Categories for entry:

1. Artist Edition Playing Cards Do you have a unique playing card design that you would like to see used at a poker tournament? The top juried deck will win a cash prize of $200. Select artists will have the opportunity to sell printed decks at the gallery. Requirements: - Card designs must be scalable to bridge- sized card dimensions: 2.25”x3.5” - Must include designs for all cards in a standard 52-card deck - Please submit images of at least three cards, including at least one face card and one number card

2. Poker/ Gambling Themed Original Art – Juried Prize This theme is open to interpretation and abstract work will be accepted. This category is appropriate if you are interested in donating your artwork to serve as a tournament prize for the charity event. $100 prizes will be awarded to the top 3 juried artists. All artists with accepted work will receive two tickets to the event on September 7th.

3. Silent Auction If you are not interested in donating, and only interested in selling your work during the event, the work will be included in our silent auction. Please list your artwork price as a minimum bid price- standard gallery commission rates apply. Entries in this category do not have to strictly follow the gambling theme but should be appropriate for a poker tournament event in order to be selected.


Entry Fee:

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The Snow Witch Open Art Exhibition



The Snow Witch - Second Call for Artists

The Art of Magic, The Magic of Art.

Celebrating Portsmouth’s extraordinary makers and creators.

Artists are invited to enter the Snow Witch Open Art Exhibition, which will be occurring over a four-week period during October and November in Cascades Shopping Centre, Portsmouth.

The exhibition is open to any artists working across any medium and in any discipline. All we ask is that the work(s) presented be a direct response to The Snow Witch novel in some form or other. Interpretation is down to you.

The idea Open Art Exhibition is inspired by author Matt Wingett's Portsmouth-based novel, The Snow Witch, and the wish to celebrate the diverse talents of Portsmouth’s creative community.

A presentation on the exhibition will be held at Hunter Gatherer, Portsmouth, on 22nd July at 7pm. All artists interested are very welcome to attend and find out more about what is planned for the exhibition.

Deadline for entry is 20th September 2019 and the entry fee is £5.

The exhibition is intended to run between 19th October and 10th November as part of this year’s Darkfest arts festival. The launch of the exhibition will on the afternoon of 19th October 2019 and will coincide with the launch of this year’s Darkfest.

We have adopted the principles of: radical inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, community cooperation, gifting, de-commodification, and leaving no trace as an underpinning philosophy for the exhibition.

What do we mean by this?

We will facilitate a space for you to exhibit your work but the responsibility for making the work, delivering the work, installing the work, and removing the work at the conclusion of the exhibition will be yours.

We expect to be able to provide lots of support for you to do what you need to do to show your work. We expect to have people to help, tools, some materials and we hope to have exhibition stands, perhaps even more. All of this is there to support you exhibiting your work.

Ultimately though, we aim to facilitate an opportunity, the responsibility for your contribution to the exhibition will be yours.


Entry Fee:

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Are you defined by your neighbourhood? How do you define your surroundings? Please join this international exhibit of neighbourhoods and support those, who work far away from the security of their home.


Entry Fee:

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T:AIM is a pop up experience of Stories Of Migrant Women. We are building up an online exhibition open to everyone who recognizes him/herself into the women’s universe in all its shades in a context of migration/expatriation. The artwork must be coherent with the proposed theme. There is no entry fee and selected artists will be represented at the “Estate Allo Spasimo” program in Palermo, Italy on the 30/08 - 01/9/19. This is an international competition and artists from any country are welcome to participate.

T: AIM - promoting the collaboration between social commitment and visual culture.


T: AIM is an event that collides visual culture and politics, in open protest with obscurantist, homotransophobic, misogynist, xenophobic and nationalist policies.

In a historical moment in which Italian national policies (but not only) focus on cultural debasement to take hold on the masses, T:AIM proposes cultural resistance and the construction of bridges between geographically distant realities.

T:AIM is a joint ARTivist project born from the collaboration of three artists based in the United Kingdom (Alice, Billy Jay and Anita) supported by the Municipality of Palermo and proposed for the summer season "Estate allo Spasimo" in the context of Palermo CulturE.

The need to cut out spaces for genre narratives is fundamental to this project which has as its central aim to analyse, compare, exchange materials, opinions, and contacts to connect distant realities and build trans-feminist cultural spaces.

This meaning of inclusion and rejection of the status quo will be developed by exploring the theme of women and all those who recognise themselves in the female universe, in a context of expatriation, migration and estrangement.

We want to celebrate the transfeminist universe as a protagonist in art and culture by combining artistic practice with social responsibility and awareness. This is the main reason that led us to create T: AIM - Transfeminism: Art Identity Movement.



The initiative will be a series of events divided into:

Meetings - networking and debate

Workshop - we will create a book of portraits based on the concept T: AIM - Transfeminism: art-identity-movement. The workshop is subject to booking. We will give details on the modalities with a dedicated post, follow us on the blog

Thematic insights - There will be artists, activists, and experts will give insight on their cultural areas of reference.

Activities and exhibitions will be held at the salon above the walls, within the monumental complex of Santa Maria dello Spasimo.

If you are interested in being part of our lineup (e.g. talk, reading), please do not hesitate to contact us no later than 28th of June

Place and time.

Estate Allo Spasimo 2019 ​
30-31.08/ 1.09.2019 
Salone sopra le mura, Santa Maria Dello Spasimo
Via Dello Spasimo, 10, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy​


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
there is no entry fee but, since we are self funding this event, if you want to support us
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We here at SIILK GALLERY are looking for photographers from all walks of life for around the world for our September, October and November exhibitions. Each exhibition will consist of a 4 week running program with Opening night and pop up events throughout the month at out gallery in the heart of Athens. Your works will also be featured in our online shop and will do a feature / interview with you.

Info about the gallery:

Our gallery is situated in the Exarchea / Neapoli area of Athens, Greece. The area is the center of art and culture in Athens, it has a thriving arts scene and community. Exarchea has an edgy alternative vibe, its streets decorated with politically charged murals and lined with anarchist bookshops and stores selling rare vinyl and vintage antiques. Bars and clubs host live music, including rembetika, jazz and punk acts. For night life and the arts, entertainment and contemporary culture it is the place to be in Athens, Greece.

The Gallery is spread over 2 floors to exhibit in and an upstairs self contained studio for our residents.. 
It is in a very central location with access from a main road, it has a full 2 story glass double frontage so it makes for a very bright exhibiting space.

How the exhibits work:

At Silk Gallery we offer 3m of wall space for a 1 month (4 week) exhibition. You work will be curated alongside another 2/3 photographers from around the world to exhibit at our space. We will have an opening evening for each exhibition with press attendees, we will have private viewings and local and international coverage of each event event.
All works will be available for sale in the gallery and on the online store.

The exhibition program includes:
4 week exhibition at Silk Gallery
Private view/press viewings and other publicity
Design and printing of invitations, mail out and social media invites
Curation & Installation of works
Photography of work for catalogue, website, press and online store
Featured work & artist information on and social medias
Opening event with music and drinks sponsor

Payment & Pricing:

The price per 3m wall space is €250 for 4 weeks exhibition as well as having work featured in the online shop.

We take 0% commission on works sold.

Works can either be delivered to Ippokratous 132, Athina 114 72, Greece, or we can organize printing inhouse.

Thanks, we look forward to receiving your submissions.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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Apply for a Booth at Superfine! Art Fair | NYCx3 2020




Triple the fairs. Triple the marketing. Apply to Superfine! Art Fair | NYCx3 2020

There's a better way to create a Manhattan audience for your art.


Location: Lower Manhattan

Fair Dates: April 22 - 26, 2020; April 29 - May 2, 2020; May 5 - 9, 2020

Application Deadline: March 4, 2020. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so we recommend you apply significantly in advance!


About Superfine! Art Fair:

We provide artists with access to top quality attendees primed to purchase, gallery-level exhibit space, extensive marketing support + training. At the NYC 2019 edition,  23% of attendees purchased art in a fun, intimate atmosphere. We deliver these results by spending $50K+ per fair on hyper-targeted social media ads to help you connect with your next great collector sooner. Connect with us today to jet-fuel your global art expansion.


About NYCx3:

Superfine! NYCx3 is a revolutionary new art fair concept built in harmony with lower Manhattan’s high-roller real estate market. Instead of one five-day fair, we’re programming three consecutive fairs in a strategic lower Manhattan locale next spring. The triple focus on women artists, contemporary surrealists, and LGBTQI+ artists plays out in the overarching themes: (wo)man, myth, and Magick. In keeping with the themed program, each fair will be limited to no more than 60 exhibitors for a highly curated experience.


"Superfine! has been a life-changing experience that throttled my career and created so many new relationships with artists, collectors, curators, galleries and journalists that I still benefit from to this day."

-- Sean Christopher Ward, exhibiting artist


NYCx1: (wo)man | 4.22-4.26.2020

The female perspective arrives at the forefront in the fair that launches NYCx3, with a focus on women artists taking their art to the next level.


NYCx2: myth | 4.29-5.2.2020

Surrealist ideas and modern mythology provide the backdrop for a diverse fair comprised of artists at the cutting edge of emerging contemporary art.


NYCx3: Magick | 5.5-5.9.2020

A celebration of all things queer: Magick highlights LGBTQI+ and ally artists representing the queer global experience across a broad range of styles and media.


A whole year of exhibitions in a weekend.

  • Connect with 5-7,000 motivated, art-hungry New Yorkers during each five day fair.
  • ~25% of our visitors make a significant ($100-$2,500+) art purchase.
  • More than 50% of our exhibiting artists receive major media coverage.


Make art. Sell art. We do the rest.

  • Meet your next collectors in a friendly, welcoming space: the ideal environment to discover, collect, and sell art.
  • Innovative cost-saving and cost-spreading financing options that work with every artist's budget to make exhibiting and selling a reality.
  • Serious opportunities for features in Superfine!'s earned (press + PR), owned (website, blog, and social), and paid (advertising) media.

Note: Superfine! takes no commission on any artwork sold either in person at the fair or via our online E-Fair.


You’re the art-making expert. We’re the art-marketing experts.

  • The smartest and most sophisticated marketing engine in the industry: we get the eyes you want in front of your work. Our audience is 26-45, affluent ($120k+/year), and buying art now.
  • We're top drawer: a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable team of experts guiding you every step of the way. Exhibit and sell your work, and gain champions of your career.
  • Lead-up webinars and curatorial guidelines geared towards success. Take what you learn with you and make it work for you year-round.


Get to Know Us

Founded by art collectors Alex Mitow and James Miille, Superfine! started out in 2015 as an alternative to boring, stuffy art shows and complicated art world politics. From the start, we caught flack from the art establishment when we broke down barriers and opened the gates to everyone from serious long-time art collectors to people who just love art and never thought they’d collect.

As it turned out, nobody cared about the art world and their politics. Our open and transparent approach worked: imaginations have been sparked and countless new collections have been jump-started at Superfine! fairs as we continue to spread our message of a more inclusive art market across the country. Since 2015, we’ve had one goal: produce badass, expertly curated art shows where über-talented, diverse global artists meet their new fans in iconic locations across the US and beyond.


Superfine! NY Media Features

Bedford + Bowery

Art & Object

The Storefront



1) Can I share a booth with a friend?

Our 8' and 12' artist booths are intended for solo artists only, but our 16' and 20' booths can be shared by up to 5 artists. However, one person must be appointed as the booth representative for communication and payment purposes.


2) I'm a gallery, can I apply?

Superfine! is an artist-driven fair but we welcome progressive, forward-thinking galleries, collectives, and artist-run programs to apply. Each fair has a dedicated number (between 5 and 20) of larger booths ideal for galleries. Contact our sales team at for more information about coming on board as a gallery.


3) Can I get a discount?

We do offer a 5% per-fair discount for booths paid in full upfront, within three business days of a signed application. If immediate cash flow is a concern, we offer options to spread booth costs over as much as a year - just ask us!


4) Why three fairs?

Our biggest infrastructure costs (venue + walls) are amortized over three weeks, allowing us to dedicate 2x more to marketing per fair. Hosting three more compact fairs lets us choose an ideal and strategic lower Manhattan venue, vs. seeking larger space in outer lying areas. With only 60 exhibitors, the fair is an intimate experience for artists and collectors alike, and our focused themes allow us to focus our audiences even better.



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$40.00 application fee. Booth prices vary.
Contact & Links: 


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