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Call for Performers: Applications now open for Mark DeGarmo Dance’s Virtual Salon Performance Series for Social Change - June Edition





Mark DeGarmo Dance is now accepting applications from international performers, choreographers and dancers to participate in its June edition of the annual Virtual Salon Performance Series for social change: a showcase of original artistic works-in-progress with a facilitated audience response portion held on Zoom.

Each performer will have the opportunity to present up to 10 minutes of unfinished work followed by 10 minutes of audience feedback. This is a unique opportunity to have a new audience view your work and provide feedback, suggestions, and answers to questions as you develop your work.

Entry Fee:

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Call for Art – 11th Annual “Figurative” Online Art Competition



Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for the gallery’s 11th Annual “Figurative” Online Juried Art Competition.  The gallery invites all 2D and 3D artists (including photography and digital arts) from around the world to make online submissions for possible inclusion in the Gallery’s April 2021 online group art exhibition.   

The gallery encourages entries from artists (including photography & digital arts) regardless of where they reside to apply to this competition by submitting their best abstract or representational art.

The “Figurative” theme is the artist’s interpretation and depiction of the human form and human features. “Figurative” subjects are considered to be figures, forms and faces. The gallery will accept art on this subject that is either representational or abstract, but please, do not submit any erotic art.

The deadline to apply to this art competition is April 1, 2021. The exhibition will open on the website on April 5th.

Early entry and art student discounts.

For further information and to apply online, please visit the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.

Prize summary: 
Winners receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.
Prizes Details: 

Winners receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$14.00 for 1 to 2 entries / $24.00 for 3 to 5 entries
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OPEN CALL: C/O Commonwealth: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership





OPEN CALL for site-specific murals/works on the wall and installations for the forthcoming exhibitionC/OCommonwealth: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership in Art Alley at the HUB-RobesonGalleries, Penn State University.Artists, organizations, groups, and teams of all sorts are welcome to apply with qualifications or proposalideas. We will support the design, production, and installation of projects as is useful or appropriate in collaboration with selected applicants.Wall drawing designs or installations that can be implemented by skilled Galleries staff or through public participation are especially encouraged.


C/O Commonwealth | People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and PartnershipWe’re looking for great ideas to collaborate on through cross-disciplinary and discovery-based processes.Charged by the HUB-Robeson Galleries Student Advisory Councils questions of local relevance and international significance, we will produce wall drawings, murals, and/or exhibition case installations thatare in care of the following

-The 5 pillars of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership

-Care Economies exploring labor, social reproduction, affective and emotional labor, and the integrated crisis of work, home, and community

-Collective power integral to the term commonwealth while recognizing its connection to exploitation and colonialism


The arts are fundamental to our humanity, to our University, and to our world. They inspire us to findunderstanding and beauty and help us to express our values and diversity across ethnicity, religion, and race. From critical conversations to writing, image-making, performance, sculpting, and any number of creative actions; we welcome paths to understanding both the unequal structure shaping our lived realitiesand ways that we might come together for people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.We are open to teams with artists or teams without artists who would like to partner with one. You’ll be asked to submit images of your previous artwork (RFQ), or a statement about your idea (RFP).Please review our mission statement before starting your application to better understand the types of projects we support. You will hear from us whether your application is approved or not approved.


We are seeking individual visual artists and designers or teams and groups from outside the arts. Groupsengaged with the theme who are not themselves artists are welcome to apply; HUB-Robeson Galleriescan assist these groups in finding a partner artist for their idea.There are no residency requirements for this opportunity, however site-visits and support for travel/shipping are necessarily limited. Professional and emerging artists who are new to the field of public art and/or have experience working with students are encouraged to apply. HUB-Robeson Galleries staff will work with each project to support production, installation, and where appropriate artist fees/honorariums. Penn State is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, and is committed to providing opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status. Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:

•Aesthetic quality of previous work

•Experience working collaboratively

•Experience working in the public realm or with communities in interdisciplinary settings

•Quality and completeness of application materials

Strong applications will score highly in 3 out of 4 of these criteria.


Entry Fee:

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SEEDS: a virtual, group exhibition from @Black3rdSpace, honouring Ancestry, Lineage, and Posterity





SEEDS is a virtual, group exhibition from @Black3rdSpace, of work honouring the theme of Ancestry, Lineage, and Posterity.

submissions are open now until Wednesday, March 17th for work, of any medium or style, representing our show theme of Ancestry, Lineage, and Posterity -- literally or abstractly.

+ submissions must be emailed to as individual .jpeg, .jpg, .png files, or shared with us via Google Drive.
+ any files not already formatted for IG will be reformatted by our curator. 

+ your submission email should include: 
       - your name, pronouns, and IG handle
       - the title, medium, size, and dates of the works you are submitting 
       - an Image Description/Alt Text (for screen readers) for each piece you're submitting

+ Optionally, you may submit an artist statement, photo of yourself, and/or a short bio

by submitting your content, you're agreeing...
+ that the content you submit is your own, or properly attributed

+ to allow BLMN/B3S to post your materials online, with credit 

+ to allow BLMN/B3S to preserve or remove the exhibition or further posts as we see fit


Entry Fee:

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Southwest Contemporary Vol. 2: Flights of Fancy






Artists from across the American Southwest are invited to submit their work for possible inclusion in Southwest Contemporary Vol. 2: Flights of Fancy (to be published May 2021).

“Flights of Fancy,” the theme of our next quarterly magazine, describes the power to imagine alternate realities, create fantasies, and entertain absurdities in the mind’s eye.

Over the last year, amid isolation, disruption to our routines and priorities, and a crisis of misinformation, it’s been harder than ever to stay tethered to what’s “real.” Balancing physical reality, virtual reality, and the unrealities unfolding on our screens and in our newspapers, we’ve found that we really live in separate worlds.

On the dark side, we live in a moment riddled with information silos, blatant disregard for fact, and rampant confirmation bias—where even events of the “real world” have required suspension of disbelief. On the bright side, we could all benefit from a healthy dose of escapism, an injection of magic into our locked down lives, and ideations of a better future.

We invite artists (18+) living and working in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah to submit work in any medium related to the theme “Flights of Fancy,” ranging from reflections on our current state of disconnection to wild turns of fantasy and beyond. Artists are encouraged to think broadly about these ideas.

Selected artists will have their work seen in a print and digital publication with an audience of 20,000+ people, published alongside emerging and established artists from across the American Southwest.

Deadline: March 3, 11:59 pm MST.


Three selected artists will receive a feature profile article written by an SWC contributor accompanied by multiple images. Twelve or more additional artists will receive a two-page spread including one image and up to 300 words of text.

All selected artists will receive a feature on SWC’s newsletter and social media channels and receive a complimentary print copy.


Artists (18+) living and working in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah are welcome to apply with works in any medium: painting, sculpture, new media, performance, printmaking, fiber arts, photography, mixed media, music, video, installation, and more.


Three to five artwork images, artist statement, and bio must be uploaded directly to the submission form.

Artists may submit three to five image, video, or audio files (no larger than 10 mb each) for consideration.

Artists must ensure high quality of images (we recommend 300 dpi JPGs), but they do not need to be press quality. High-res images will be requested once selections are made.

If video files are larger than 10 mb, please submit a smaller clip and provide a web link to the full file in your statement.

Artwork does not have to be for sale, but we recommend submitting work recent within the last five years.

Bio and statement must be no more than 300 words or 2500 characters each.


Entry deadline: March 3, 2021, 11:59 pm MST.

Artists will be notified of the final decision by mid-March 2021. If your work is selected, you will receive further information at that time. All selected artists will be included in the digital and print issue published in May 2021.


There is a $15 submission fee that goes towards supporting our contributing writers, editors, and staff (submission fees are non-refundable). If you are unable to pay at this time, we understand and urge you to submit your work for editorial consideration on our website instead. You may always submit your work for editorial consideration to our website for free. Please send three to five artwork files, your artist statement, bio, website, and any other relevant links to

12 New Mexico Artists to Know Now 2021

New Mexico artists are also welcome to submit to the open call the third annual 12 New Mexico Artists to Know Now feature series (to be published in the annual New Mexico Field Guide, June 2021). You may submit to one or both calls using the same submission form.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Open Call for Artist-in-Residence 2021-2022






Application deadline: March 31, 2021 | Notifications: April 30, 2021

KUNSTRAUM is calling for submissions for our 2021-2022 Artist-in-Residence Program.

Kunstraum is a community for artists by artists, aiming to redefine the way artists and curators collaborate. Our program seeks to explore the relationships between artists and curators by opening up our gallery space to those interested in exploring unconventional and engaging ideas and taking risks. 

Our Artist-in-Residency program offers 3-month long artist residencies for national and international artists in a quarterly cycle. For 2021, we have two open spots, one from April-June and the other from July-September. In 2022, these 3-month periods are from January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December with multiple spots available for each term.

All resident artists are invited to pursue their independent projects, interact with our steady community of artists, designers and filmmakers as well as mingle with the incoming artists and curators of our ongoing exhibition program and participate in the Studio Visits and Annual Members Show. To learn more about Kunstraum, please visit our website and Instagram. Each residency includes:

A studio space inside our subdivided lofts with 24/7 access (workspace only no living);

Access to our gallery space (4-5 exhibitions a year) and participation in our Annual Members Show, including professional documentation;

Sales opportunities via an online gallery for the duration of 6 months with your participation in our members show;

A great artist community to meet and interact with;

Monthly studio visits by 1-2 New York curators, gallerists, critics, art advisers (full list on the “About” page of our website);

Bimonthly Zoom-in Studio Visits with our Curator-in-Residence and artist community;

Social media promotion and a feature of your work on our website;

Access to our internal monthly newsletter, which includes news, events, an open call list with exhibition, grant and residency opportunities;

Community events in which all resident artists are invited to attend:

These community events vary and include gallery openings, curator walkthrough, discussions, salons and open studios. They are a great way to meet our steady community of artists, designers and filmmakers as well as mingle with incoming artists and curators of our ongoing exhibition program.

The studio spaces have 24/7 access with 13ft ceilings, a freight elevator, slop sink, secure Wifi, and are used for non-toxic materials only–all painters work on non-toxic basis. Blick Art Supply, hardware stores, post office, print shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and delis are just 1.5 blocks away, and Home Depot is as close as 10 blocks.

No living is included. The resident artist is responsible to find their own living arrangements. Referrals to short-term listings can be provided.


The residency fee is $600 per month for a 3-month term and following starting dates 4/1/2021; 7/1/2021; 1/1/2022; 4/1/2022; 7/1/2022; 10/1/2022

KUNSTRAUM is born out of a necessity to create community and foster collaboration between artists, architects, curators, designers, filmmakers, and writers. The KUNSTRAUM model features excellent studio locations, networking, research opportunities, and discourse for creative production. After successfully inaugurating our first space in New York as of February 2015, we seek to expand to Berlin. Kunstraum’s global identity is designed to offer and promote an international community, mobility, and visibility in the visual arts. Recent press coverage includes Communication Arts, Creator’s Project, Huffington Post, Artnet News, Interview Magazine, Art F City, Artnet News, and Musée Magazine. With "Video Shop," a project at NADA New York, Kunstraum won the 2016 Artfair Goers Award and best booth.

Prizes Details: 

To Apply:

Please submit all materials through the Google Form here. A selection of candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Please Include the following:

Statement of Motivation with starting date/s - 250 word;

Statement on private or public funding plan - 100 word;

Portfolio with max. 10 pages with 10-20 images;

Optional: 2 links to 1-2 mins video excerpts (specify cue in and out);

CV with max, 10 pages;

Links to website, Instagram, recent exhibition or press;

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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