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CALL FOR ENTRIES ​ 2019 Theme Show: The Illusion and Reality


We are very excited to announce the open call for Ning Gallery’s next exhibition: “The Illusion and Reality.” This is an opportunity for artists residing in the U.S. to showcase their works in a competitive and juried exhibition.

What is illusion? What is reality? What is the relationship between the two? The conflictions among certainty and uncertainty, existence and nonexistence, reality and unreality are all a sort of question that has puzzled mankind over the vicissitude of time.



Can you burn the lights faster?


Artness System invites you to burn your lights faster as an international emerging artists ! Your lights depicts to rising creativity in the each artists’ approach from all over. Let’s imagine our future through art in all techniques. We can shape the future with each burning lights… Raise your hand and let’s move together !

Deadline : January 30

Festival Duration: July 20 to 30, 2019

Space: Arte Aurora Barcelona

*Please send your cv and proposal after fill the application form.

Artists/makers/creatives/performers needed.

Be a part of an immersive experience, experimental installation and performance exploring layers of confusion and belonging through sound, light and objects.

I am a MA performance design student at the University of Leeds, and I am currently working in collaboration with Jonathan Parker (hoppla creative and Inkwell arts) on an extension of a piece developed in Germany whilst on an artist residency. The piece is story, and originally an object and promenade performance, I am developing it into a sound installation with interactive live elements.


I have two roles to fill:


Bellanda Suite IV


For the experimental dance festival Bellanda Suite IV, Bellanda Company in collaboration with Ce.ri.da., A. Artisti Associati di  Gorizia and e.r.t. has decided to issue an open call to select short coreographic pieces by Italian and European performers who want to compete and show their own perspective during a night of dance where several “suites” will take place. Bellanda Suite Festival IV is part of the Friuli Venezia Giulia dance circuit and the night, scheduled for Saturday 25 May 2019, will be held in the Cormons theatre.

Call for Contributions Sculptorvox Vol 3: A God Complex

Call for Contributions
Sculptorvox Vol 3: A God Complex
Closing date: 31st Jan 2019


A God Complex: a

‘an unshakable belief characterised by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility’

We are seeking new writing, essays, creative interpretation, reviews, interviews and photographic work that explore and respond to the title and theme ‘A God Complex’.

You are invited to submit work that expresses notions, ideas and theories on ‘A God Complex’: aspects of the human ego, narcism, creation, transcendence, allure, seduction, religion, elitism, either lateral or literal.

Spoken Soul Festival 2019

Spoken Soul Festival 2019 - SWAN Day MIAMI 

Women Empowering The Soul Through Art, Advocacy & Creativity

The mission of the Spoken Soul Festival, a three-day event, is to produce an annual festival that will help advance the careers of a variety of women artists including poets, fine artists, photographers, filmmakers, and designers. 

Winner of Miami New Times “Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women,” this year’s festival theme is #WordIsBond.  We aim to celebrate the impact of the spoken and written word in our community. In the age of social media, our words no longer have boundaries and can reach millions changing how our society interacts. #WordIsBond is a commentary on the power of our word. 


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