Call for Photography

(IM)POSSIBLE WORLDS - take part in the PEP exhibition at the Photo Bienniale of Mulhouse (France)

Selected artists will participate in the PEP X BPM group exhibition in September/October 2024 as part of the Photo Bienniale of Mulhouse (France).

For the 6th edition of the BPM, we invite artists to join us on a journey through (im)possible worlds: confessions of defeat and promises for the future.

​This group exhibition will present a poetic approach to our planet in the age of the Anthropocene and explore the different questions that it raises. What is the impact of human activity on the environment and climate? Have we reached a point of no return, or can we envision viable alternatives for the future? What is our relationship with nature? What is the role of humans as a species on this planet? How do we relate to the elements and to the cosmos?

Taking Pictures: 2024

A juried group photo show with an open theme at Black Box Gallery.

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Broken Forms


Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

Group Exhibition in Rome. November 2024


Fragments of matter or of an idea, broken and interrupted, or inter-ruptured, forms, disintegrated by human behavior or by nature, an action-effect that makes the nature of its composition and its existence even more concrete, manifesting its fragility and its ephemeral utilitarian and/or meaningful function.


Seeing the Self: Storytelling Through Self-Portraiture

Exploring the art of self-portraiture as a practice of self-knowing and conscious self-expression for women and non-gender conforming People of Color, Seeing The Self considers how reclaiming a visual narrative through the photographic medium can be a possible healing modality for those so often rendered invisible.

The art of self-portraiture provides a way of confronting our visual presence gently and with intention, seeing the subject not as object but as the embodiment of representation, in a process of becoming and reclaiming agency of one’s identity.

Open Call | Photography Exhibition in China: Black & White

Group exhibition at Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) in April 2024.


Passepartout Photo Prize aims to support the development of talented photographers from all over the world by awarding 1,000 euros in monetary prizes every year, organizing exhibition
in a fine art gallery in the heart of Rome, publication in our partners’ magazines, and providing other opportunities for international exposure. 


What makes our contest unique is that we collaborate with various professionals in the contemporary art and photography industries. Our jury is a diverse blend of photographers, editors, gallerists, curators and educators who bring kaleidoscopic perspectives into our selection process. 



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