Call for Submissions

Call for Abstracts and Panels — Displaying Design: History, Criticism, and Curatorial Discourses

Design exhibitions and exhibition design have a central place in the history of design, providing us with significant milestones for understanding how designers, schools, companies, and organisations have publicly displayed work, values, and ideas. In parallel to the exercise of exhibiting design, either by following the vision of a curator or the programme of a museum or gallery, we have encountered different ways of collecting, archiving and musealizing design and its history.

Displaying Design: History, Criticism, and Curatorial Discourses

We invite authors to send creative and unpublished proposals that surprise, relearn and rethink design history and design stories.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Before 1920 — Designing the Design’s Field: From Division of Labour and Division of Taste towards the New as Modern Value
1920s–1945 —Social Dreaming and Social Utopia; Avant-Garde or Stand Guard; Good Design and Totally Design
1946–1960s — Media and Messages; Individual or Corporation; Production and Consumption; Retro-Culture and Counterculture
1970s–1990s — Landscapes and Languages; Radical or Rhizomatic; Formal or Informal; Semantic or Pragmatic
2000s–2020s — Post-Media and Social Media; Just-in-Time or Post-production; Fluid and Trans

Artmagazineium - Issue 26 / April 2023

Artmagazineium started out as a monthly printed and digital Art & Culture Magazine, founded by Artists and Magazine founders. Artmagazineium invites readers to create a new utopia with original content and High Culture Art. Our aim is to bring innovations and successful artists in the field of Contemporary Art together with all art lovers.

Artmagazineium showcases a mix of admirable artworks from around the world, New Contemporary Art and also emerging and distinguished artists.

Artmagazineium is internationally as Print Magazine and digital magazine and is distributed worldwide. Our magazine is put up for sale in cooperation with our Website, Social Media accounts and Galleries.

REAKTOR Potenziale | Call for Concepts 2023/24

The REAKTOR’s cross-disciplinary programme features works that are imbued with the spirit of the times. Indeed, what is still considered experimental today may well one day be perceived as timelessly permanent. That is particularly true of contemporary art. The REAKTOR’s call for concepts is designed to seek out that very potential in the visual arts, hence the title Potenziale. Particular emphasis is to be placed on space-defining art for the REAKTOR’s architectural core, i.e. its main hall and on concepts using sound as an important element.

Non Conflictive Art

Humanity has always been plagued by conflict. Individual conflicts, family, social, political, territorial and increasingly global, Conflict pervades all aspects of the human experience.

Civilizations have developed to reach great technological and cultural advancements, yet rarely have managed to avoid or overcome conflict for long.

mapping and map as a social construct

We are happy to announce that we are making a zine in the topic of cultural mapping and map as a social construct.

Our goal is to make independent and nomadic artistic and cultural work visible, by using this map as a tool for empowerment and connection rather than a fixed device created by institutional power. We encourage practices that are normally excluded from traditional cultural circuits.

We accept new or already existing works/visual material that reflect on this topic from many disciplines; visual arts, performance art, street art, public art, multimedia art, sound art, socially engaged projects, poetry, essay, etc... 


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