Call for Submissions

The A3 Review Monthly Contests


The A3 Review is open to submissions inspired by their monthly contest themes.

Visit their Submittable page here for all the details. Traffic, Trees, and Tablets are some of their forthcoming themes.

Each month's two winning entries will appear in The A3 Review, a fold-out literary and art magazine published every six months. The two winning entries from each month, September 2019 - February 2020,  will make up the list of contributors to Issue 12. From this list, three overall winning entries will be chosen in March 2020. These three ultimate winners will receive cash prizes: 1st = £250, 2nd = £150, 3rd = £75 (approx $325, $195, $95). Issue 11 will appear in April 2020.

Writing: Up to 150 words for prose and poetry (title not included). Poems no longer than 30 lines.

Art: Must fit into an A6 panel. That's about 4" x 6" or 10 x 15cm. Please send as low-res in the first instance. If your work is accepted, we'll ask for a hi-res image.

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Un_Real Desires Exhibition




For the upcoming Un_Real Desires group exhibition taking place October 23-27th 2019 at SomoS Art House in Berlin (coinciding with the Berlin Pornfilm Festival), the SomoS curatorial team is calling for submissions for performative projects, ephemeral installations, durational art pieces and other art forms.

Deadline: September 22nd, 2019, 18:00h
Application fee: None
Eligibility: international artists working in any medium

In times where the borders between the physical and the virtual are becoming increasingly blurred, the group show Un_Real explores the effects of the imbrication of technology, desire and erotica.

How to interpret the paradox of contemporary erotica moving towards desire without bodies? Filters, skins, fakes, the (self) representation of the eroticized body moves further and further away from reality. The Un_Real exhibition traces the implications. Does it matter, and do we care?

Topics and questions may include:

• The growing influence of technology on the way that erotica is consumed and produced.
• The disembodiment of the erotic.
• What are the psychological, ethical, aesthetic other effects?
• Does it matter if what you desire is real or not?
• And how “real” are your desires anyway, being maybe just as much a product of nurture as of nature?
• What happens to the portrayal of the quirky and in-between, if everything can be made to look perfect? And how do we consequently view our less than perfect selves?

Responses may be personal, theoretical, philosophical, societal; they may build on actual phenomena, or imagine transformations and build worlds of their own.

Both existing works as well as new works are eligible for participation.

Submissions to the exhibition should include detailed description of the artwork or project. We will look at any proposal with great interest and an open mind, but are especially eager to include installation based pieces, works that are durational, participative and/or interactive, for example, performances, and other works that take shape over time, works that are built in situ before or during the exhibition, works that create their own environment or that involve building an environment that is the backdrop to a performance.

Selected artists/performers will be invited to participate in an exhibition at SomoS Art House in Berlin that will take place from 22.–27.10.2019, coinciding with the 14th Pornfilm Festival Berlin.


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At Swimming Pool, Sofia
13 – 27 November 2019

Until 26 September

Swimming Pool invites you to participate in a two-weeks intense curatorial program to take place from 13 to 27 November 2019 in Sofia. The second edition of our curatorial school focuses on Collaborative Practices, a field of research, action and vision informed by recent changes in society towards new forms of political, economical, technological, ecological and cultural co-existence.

We invite anyone interested in curating and instituting – artists, curators, writers, university students, cultural workers, and professionals –, to take part in a program built on discussions, workshops and talks. Main purpose of the school is to enable learning from immediate experience; therefore, alongside our meetings, we will enter into a process of collaborative writing to examine the dynamics of our encounter. Also, we encourage everyone to participate with an own vision on the topics outlined in the open call that can be framed as fiction or exhibition draft, performative action or a theoretical inquiry; within the school we will have the chance to discuss and exchange so that we grow our tools and imaginary towards meaningful collaborations. 

Talks, workshops and collective encounters with 
Barby Asante, London / Luchezar Boyadjiev & ICA, Sofia / Grégory Castéra & Council, Paris / Dessislava Dimova, Sofia & Brussels / Lubomir Draganov, Sofia / Barbora Kleinhamplová & Institute for Anxiety, Prague / Dragos Olea & Apparatus 22, Bucharest / Lorenzo Sandoval & The Institute for Endotic Research, Berlin / Peter Sit & Apart Collective, Bratislava

Concept and program leader
Viktoria Draganova

120 euro 

With the support of Programa Kultura Sofia


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Ilhabela Island, Brazil - Art Residence Open call 2019/2020




A multidisciplinary space to focus in ideas and projects in an ecological paradise.

Description of residency program
Casa na Ilha is a creative retreat in Ilhabela Island, Brazil, an ecological paradise and preservation area at 200 km from Sao Pablo.

The Residency Program is an initiative born from the idea of artists from different disciplines to create a space where creativity is encouraged, focusing in the construction of the creative process, development and curatorial process of artistic and environmental engaged projects in one place away from the city and distractions of the daily routine.

Casa Na Ilha Residency programs run in a house built by an artist above the sea level. It is 800 meters from the beach and 4 km away from the island historical center and town. Emplaced in the middle of the rainforest on the top of a hill, surrounded with nature and a breathtaking view to the ocean, beach, palm trees and mountains.

Located north in the island, the house is walking distance from the beach and waterfalls. The absolute peace and tranquility of the place are perfect for feeding inspiration and disconnection with the world today that generally cause blockages between the artist and their work. Close to natural waterfalls, a garden full of flowers, trees, orchards, and spring water supplies, birds and ocean sounds, creates the perfect environment to relax the mind and focus on projects.

Casa na Ilha is a retreat space to devote time and focus to your creative pursuits in an ecological paradise. Artists can intensely dedicate on their work in progress or develop new projects. The main goal is that artists are able to focus on their ideas and projects, enhancing creativity and inspiration and connect, between them, the local community and nature.

Casa na Ilha welcomes artists with a professional standing in their field and emerging artists of promising talent.

Duration of residency
The Residency Program is 3 - 4 weeks long duration between 5 - 8 artists at a time. In case projects require it, participants may apply for a longer period.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Applications are accepted from all disciplines: 




                  Visual/Plastic Arts


                  Research (Sustainability/Ecology/biodiversity/Climate Change)


                  Sound & Music





The residency program promotes the development of projects in all stages, from conception of the idea to the presentation of the same.

Private and Shared

Studio/ workspace
We offer:
Indoor Shared Studio available 24 hs for working
Other working spaces both outdoor and indoor around the facility
Guidance and tutor available on residence
Breakfast and homemade daily dinners
Lodging in private or shared rooms en suite fully furnish.
Natural resources from jungle, beaches waterfalls and gardens can be used without endangering the eco balance of the region.
Orientation and accompaniment on the project development before and after residency period.
Interaction and connection with the community and local organizations

Fees and support
Fees and costs are based on a 3 and 4 week residency period. We accept two week stays as well and in case of longer periods (up to 8 weeks) please contact us at 

Residency fee includes breakfast and dinner, the ones are prepared in the house every day and are shared every night between the group.

For lunch, residents can buy supplies at the local market and prepare their own meals at the house kitchen or if they decide to lunch outside the house. There is a fridge for artists to use to store their food, snacks or cravings. Tea and coffee are available 24 hs. The water in the house comes from a waterfall, this water is filtered before reaching the tanks so tap water is safe and drinkable.

We provide linen and towels. 

RESIDENCE PROGRAM FEE (Includes breakfast and daily dinners)
Shared room with shared bathroom: 450 USD per week 
Private room with shared bathroom and private working space : 625 USD per week
Private room with private bathroom and private working space– Apartment:875  USD per week

Expectations towards the artist
Casa na Ilha is a space where to develop, improve and curate personal and group projects in an interdisciplinary ambiance, nurturing for different views opinions and expertise.  The residency program promotes the development of projects in all stages, from the conception of the idea to the presentation of the same.

Artists work on a self-directed residency: you will have uninterrupted, self-directed work time. We will not pressure you to deliver finished work; you can focus solely on research and development of ideas. However, during your stay there will be a tutor on location 24/7 to discuss ideas, projects and progress of work during the duration of the residency time, respecting artists pace and direction. We do not provide a set program or itinerary for artists to follow, sessions and tutor advice and support will be approached personally case by case around artists self-directed practices. Tutor will give you guidance as well as help make the necessary contacts, approaches and arrangements with different parties the project requires. 

Each sessions hosts 4 – 6 artists at the same time, from different disciplines, giving the opportunity to artists in residency to gain new ideas and insights that can be applied to creative exploration and the development of their work through peer interaction and discussion groups. Common spaces will be conceived to promote not only collaboration between the artists, but to empower ideas between different participants and interdisciplinary learning. Casa na Ilha embraces the role of being an active platform of thinking, discussion, production and sharing through daily interactions open to share and exchange ideas and perspectives among participants.

Casa na Ilha gathers individuals with different expertise, sensibilities, skills and backgrounds committed to contribute to the enrichment of intellectual and artistic circles with their professional collaborations and public interactions, also carrying a strong belief in the importance of building a community that shares and grows. 


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Call for Short Film Submissions: Black Girl* Magic




Artists Without A Cause is bringing back the Black Girl* Magic Film Series and we’re looking for short film and video submissions by Black womxn* FTLI filmmakers for a screening during Black History Month in Berlin, Germany. Our third installment of the series is being presented in collaboration with White Guilt Clean Up and Frauenkreise Berlin, where it will take place. The resilience and power of creativity in the face of discrimination, injustice, and everyday violence is truly magical. We are excited to celebrate Blackness beyond mainstream tropes and through the lenses of Black womxn* once again with new filmmakers and and new stories.

What we’re looking for:

Short films and videos by Black womxn* FLTI of any genre and exploring any theme. Bonus for films with themes of creativity, power, resilience, and joy of Black Girl* Magic.

We’re looking to fill about 90 minutes of runtime.All filmmakers are invited to join in the discussion! Berlin-based? You’re welcome to join us at the screening. Not in town? No worries, we would love to have you call in online.


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National Exhibition of American Art



Submissions are now open for Pleiades Gallery first

National Exhibition of American Art.

The theme for this exhibition is “Altered States: A state of mind that deviates from what is thought to be a normal state of consciousness.”
Artists often reinterpret reality in their art, using their own visions to create new possibilities. We are interested in seeing artist’s interpretations and perceptions of unconventional ideas, dreamscapes and elaborate fantasy worlds.

The Jurors for this exhibition are members of Pleiades Gallery:

Denise Adler, Al Benkin and Joseph O’Neill

The exhibition will consist of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art works in all media. The size limitation for wall-hung work is 60 inches high by 40 inches wide (including frame.) Free-standing work may not exceed 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 96 inches high. Sorry no performance or video art.

Entry Deadline is December 2nd, 2019 (11:59pm) EST.

Entry Fee: $35 for 2 works, $5 each additional work up to a maximum of 10.

The entry fee is non-refundable.

Artists will be notified by December 20th.

The exhibition will run from January 23rd thru February 15th, 2020 Opening reception on Saturday, January 25th from 3 to 6 pm

Pleiades Gallery was founded in 1974 by a group of like-minded artist who sought an alternative to the dic- tated constraints of the commercial gallery world. One of the oldest cooperative galleries in New York City, Pleiades was a leading participant in the Association of Artis Run Galleries and the cooperative movement
of the 1970’s. Located in Chelsea among the most prestigious galleries in New York, Pleiades exhibits highly professional contemporary work by its artist members. The judges for this show are all members of the gallery, their bios and more about their work can be found by going to our website


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$35 for 2 works, $5 each additional work up to a maximum of 10.
Contact & Links: 


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