Call for Submissions

Mobile Media Visual Arts Competition

Our mobile media contest is a global visual arts contest.

The visual arts contest is open to any human creator anywhere on Earth, aged 13 years or older.

How do we define static visual art?  We define static visual art as any form of visual art than can be printed and published on a flat surface.

How do we define mobile media?  We define mobile media as any artifact of static visual art that was manufactured entirely within the machinery of a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) - photography, digital art, illustration, 3d models, etc.

The Theme: Sense of Place

The theme for this mobile media visual arts contest is A Sense of Place.


Cumbria call for three UK artists to take up creative residencies in the county for a year

Poets, visual and digital artists, writers, theatre and film makers and composers from across the UK are being invited to take up creative residencies in the North West.

Catalyst, a project funded by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, will see three artists spend a year in Cumbria, the county that inspired Wordsworth, Ruskin, Percy Kelly and Conrad Atkinson and has produced artists for generations.

The chosen few will each receive £25,000 to support them while they create a substantial new piece of work or artistic event contributing to the thriving artistic community that exists across the county.

Superpresent Spring 2024 Issue

Superpresent magazine is seeking submissions on the them SURVIVAL.  We are looking for video, film, paintings, drawings, sculpture, and all forms of visual art. We are also looking for poetry, essays, short stories, etc.  Superpresent is a magazine that puts an equal emphasis on visual art and the written word.

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2024 Open Call

In its 6th year as an independent international film festival, the
mission for the NBFF is to curate dance films that explore an
innovative approach to “challenging the possibilities of what dance
can look like in video form”.

Dance Films 1-10 minutes
A dance-related film 1-10 minutes. A dance film (Videodance, Dance for
Camera, Screendance, etc) is a dance-related film that challenges the
possibilities of what dance can look like in video form. Films are
created specifically for the screen, including shorts, narrative,
fiction, experimental, animation, multicultural, multi-genre, and
documentary films.

Open Call for projects related to ‘palimpsest’, layering, and erasure

Palimpsest Projects is a newly emerging not-for-profit contemporary artists’ and writers’ group based nomadically around London. We’re going to be curating at least 12 weeks’ worth of exhibitions in London this year, and we’re seeking submissions and expressions of interest around our overarching theme of ‘palimpsest’. Historically, a palimpsest has been a sheet with elements of erasure and rewriting, where traces of previous writing still remain. We’re evoking ‘palimpsest’ conceptually and aesthetically, where your contribution can be of any medium that involves levels of meaning, types of style, or other changes that build upon each other and showcase revision.

Artist Open Call: Festival Commission

The National Festival of Making and This Is Nelson have formed a partnership to create a new commission for an architectural / design studios or artist / arts collectives. The outcome of the commission will be a temporary structure that can be used and transported between two festivals:


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