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Lys d’Or presents selected works by international artists who answered to the open call


This exhibition is a celebration of high value of human being,

a topic really important specially in this time of history

where all rights so painstakingly conquered

seems wants to be deleted

Lys d’Or is an art web gallery born as spin-off of blog of art and culture Il Ramo D'Oro

create to host solo artist on line exhibitions and group shows on a specific topic open to all type of art

painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, video, comics, music, textile etc…

As art web gallery all exhibitions are free, without any costs for the selected artists and 0% commission on any sales,

because Lys d’Or (like the blog Il Ramo D’Oro) want to be remain loyal to the original nature of Internet:

place of free access and free exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Past international group art exhibition

Global Warming & Water Wars- vision of the future

The Kingdom Of  The Rose- homage to the female figure

Homeless - deprivation of access to housing, extreme form of social exclusion, extreme form of discrimination, loss of dignity

Magna Mater -  homage to Mother Nature ​

Dreamtime - metaphysical vision of life

Past solo exhibition

Marco Mattozzi (Photography)

Michelle Holmes (Embroidered Textiles)

Dawid Planeta - Mini people (Digital)

Leonardo Nazzareno Enea (Mosaic, Sculpture, Painting)

Angelo Secondini (Music Photography)

Manfred Kielnhofer (Sculpture)

Cornelia Konrads (Land Art)

Susanne Schumacher (Photography)

Mohammad Barrangi (Printmaking)

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (Experimental filmmaker)

Eclectic Critters (Handmade Soft Toys)

Scott Listfield (Painting)

Johan Troch (Music Photography)

Karenina Fabrizzi (Painting)

Gianfranco Basso (Embroidery)

Anis Tabaraee (Drawing)

Scott McIntire (Painting)

Rey Zorro (Mixed Media)

Grey Cross (Mixed Media)

Maria Korporal (Visual Artist)

Sketchlight (Photography - Light painting)

Johanna Porter (Graphic and Visual Artist)

Jeff Drew (Illustrator - Character designer)

Lys d’Or or

Il Ramo D’Oro

Katya Sanna


all images are copyright to their respective owners

On line art expo



Abeer Adel Ali (Egypt)

Alena Kolesnikova (Czech Republic)

Alistair Ayres (UK)

Andrew Cole (UK)

Anis Tabaraee (Iran)

Barney Ogola (Kenya)

Bernhard Zilling (Germany)

Blanca Saccomano  (Argentina)

Daniel De Culla (Spain)

Daniele Virgilio (Italy)

Diana Galimzyanova (Russia)

Éda Gyenis (Hungary)

Elkemel Mabrouk (Tunisia)

Francisco Sánchez Gil (Spain)

Huijie Zhu (UK)

Igor Zusev (Russia/US)

Ingeborg Henrichs (Germany)

 Inspiring Alien Creations (Germany)

 Jesús Miguel Morales (Spain)

Jorge Fusaro (Puerto Rico)

Liliana Cortina (Cuba)

Mahboobeh Esfandiary (Iran)

Michael Marks (USA)

Michael Mendel (USA)

M Gossett (USA)

Neil Howe (Australia)

Noel Molloy (Ireland)

Oscar Salamanca (Colombia)

Poul Poclage (Danmark)

Raja Oshi (Sudan)

Riddhima Sharraf (India)

Ruggero Maggi (Italy)

Sigal Yaar (Israel)

Swarup Manna (India)

Tchello d'Barros (Brazil)

 The Wasted Angel (Belgium)

Wolfgang Guenther (Germany)

Yasmein Hassan (Egypt)

Zac Benson  (USA)

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Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award, Artist Commission 2020 to be hosted by The Tetley, Leeds




Engage and the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award are delighted to announce that the 2020 Artist Commission will be hosted by The Tetley, Leeds.

The Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA) was established in memory of the artist Alexandra Reinhardt and is supported by the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust. The annual award, worth £15,000, funds an artist or artists to conceive and deliver a project which engages children and young people. The Award in 2020 focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, has been working with ARMA on the programme since 2012.

In 2018 the Award was hosted by The Turnpike, Leigh. Artist Lindsey Mendick worked with local young people and invited contemporary artists to form The Turnpike Pottery: an artists’ collaborative working in clay. The project culminated in an exhibition held at The Turnpike in September 2018.

In 2016, Alison Carlier’s commission entitled ‘Flourish’ was unveiled at Aspex, Portsmouth and commemorated the gallery’s ten years in the historic Vulcan Building. In 2015, the commission by Anne Harild, entitled ‘We Approach’, was unveiled at Bluecoat, Liverpool. In 2014 New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester worked with Maria Zahle on ‘Sails and Dogs’, a residency and commission that explored physical play, while Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva’s research into Middlesbrough’s industrial past resulted in the launch of ‘HA[SOFT]RD’ at mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in 2013.

The successful artist(s) will work with The Tetley and a partner organisation between May and September to deliver a participatory project with young people. As an outcome of the project, the artist will realise an exhibition, performance or other form of public engagement in the Shirley Cooper Gallery, one of the main gallery spaces at The Tetley in summer 2020.

Helen Watson, Director (maternity cover) of The Tetley, said: “The Tetley are thrilled to have been awarded the prestigious Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award. The Artist Commission comes at a pivotal time for The Tetley as it places children and young people at the forefront of its participation programme. The Commission will be co-produced, bringing together children and young people with a contemporary artist to create an exhibition driven by their interests, whilst responding to relevant issues surrounding Mental Health.”       

Veronica Reinhardt, Trustee of the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust, said: “ARMA are delighted to be working with The Tetley to offer a unique opportunity to vulnerable young people. With the support of a contemporary artist/s they will be exploring their thoughts and ideas on mental health through art. At the end of the project, they will then be able to share their work with a larger audience in a major exhibition at the gallery. ARMA hopes the project will continue to demonstrate how small projects can have profound effects on all participants, particularly when curatorial and education departments work closely together.”

Jane Sillis, Director of Engage, said: “We are delighted to be working with The Tetley on ARMA 2020, which focuses next year on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. The Tetley’s proposal supports young people to engage with an artist and their work and will shine a light on The Tetley’s excellent participation and education programmes. Engage is privileged to have been working with the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust on the delivery of ARMA since 2012.

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The Westmorland Landscape Prize




Conceived and developed by Westmorland, the Westmorland Landscape Prize aims to document, celebrate and interrogate our relationship with the landscape. It offers a First Prize of £10,000: Westmorland, along with Selectors Cherie Federico, Anne Desmet RA and Hazel Stone are delighted to announce Sharon Baker as the winner.

Sharon is awarded First Prize for Packwood Fragment 14, one of a series of prints based on images of a topiary garden at Packwood House, Warwickshire. The garden is depicted as a ‘hyper-green alien landscape’, striking, startling and synthetic. It has been manipulated into an aesthetic that may pass as beautiful, but that has little or no resemblance to the landscape’s natural form. As an artist, Sharon is interested in the subjective nature of value, particularly in the form of what human beings choose to keep and what they choose to discard. Packwood Fragment 14 interrogates the value that we place in regulated beauty and questions the morality of the dominion that we attempt to hold over the natural world.

Sharon’s work will be presented alongside that of another 70 artists at the gallery at the Rheged Centre, Penrith from 13 September – 10 November 2019. In this inaugural exhibition, two themes emerge as dominant: conservation and environmentalism. John Stokes, Gallery Manager at the Rheged Centre comments that ‘the way we view our landscape is changing. The sense of it being something we possess is diminishing; instead, we are learning to perceive it as a victim of our thoughtless actions. An art prize about landscape gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about the challenges the landscape is facing and to redefine both what it is and who it is for.’

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Announcing the Winners of the ArtJobs's " Artist of the month" September 2019



Announcing the Winners of the ArtJobs's " Artist of the month" September 2019
After receiving submissions from hundreds of artists, we are delighted to announce the following winning artists of this month. The winners are: 

Hyun Jung Ji ( Los Angeles )
Federica Castoldi ( Milano )
Audrey Albert ( Manchester )
Grégoire A. Meyer ( London )
Daniel J. Finaldi ( Highland Park )

The winners is now available for viewing on the Art Jobs website

" Artist of the month " aim to showcase innovative and contemporary artworks from established and emerging artists throughout the world. supported by ArtWeek, winners are provided with worldwide exposure, by having their work promoted through ArtJobs website,email marketing,art news and the social media channels. It is our intention to help today's artists to market their art works to worldwide audience. and to promotes and connects new, emerging and established artists with collectors and gallerists.

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Fusion Art Announces its October 2019 Artist Spotlight Winners



Fusion Art is pleased to announce its Artist Spotlight winners for October 2019. The Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition Series highlights individual artists of exceptional talent and skill who have an overall body of work to showcase. 

Each month, Fusion Art selects one traditional, one digital & photography, and one 3-dimensional artist (if the gallery received 3-dimensional entries) for month-long online solo art exhibitions. The gallery created this solo art exhibition opportunity as a means for emerging, mid-level and, even, professional artists to gain more worldwide online exposure.

The October 2019 winners are Walt Curlee (Traditional) and Sarah Miller (Photography & Digital).  Walt Curlee is an award-winning artist based in Alabama, USA and Sarah Miller is a Digital artist, writer, and indie game designer based in Virginia, USA.  

The Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibitions will be featured on the website for the month of October 2019. The gallery will promote the artists and their work on the Fusion Art website, through individual online press releases to hundreds of outlets, email blasts, in online event calendars, art news websites and through the gallery’s extensive social media outlets.  The gallery’s objective is to promote the Artist Spotlight winning artists, worldwide, to art professionals, gallerists, collectors and buyers.

In addition to the extensive online marketing and promotion, all Artist Spotlight winners receive an invitation to participate in Fusion Art’s Annual Group Show that is held Palm Springs, California.

To view Walt and Sarah’s Solo Art Exhibitions and to learn more about them and their work please visit the Fusion Art website.

About Fusion Art

Each month and quarter Fusion Art hosts uniquely themed solo and group art competitions and exhibitions. Founded by Award winning artist, Chris & Valerie Hoffman, Fusion Art was envisioned and formed out of a passion for art and the artists who create it. The website promotes and connects new, emerging and established artists with collectors and art enthusiasts, while offering the opportunity to participate in art competitions, exhibitions and experiences. 

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“Patterns” 2019 Exhibition Results Announced by Art Gallery



Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its October 2019 art exhibition, the 3rd Annual “Patterns” Online Art Exhibition is now posted on its website and can be viewed online.  The theme for this art exhibition is patterns, textures and forms art. Artists were asked to submit their best abstract or representational 2D and 3D art for this competition.

An international online art competition was held in September 2019, which determined the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 22 different countries and also received entries from 33 different states and the District of Columbia. Overall, 652 entries were judged for this art competition. 

The gallery presented the top 10 artists with awards for each media category.  In addition, special merit and special recognition category awards were provided. The overall winning artists are Maureen Ravnik, John Pingree, Athalie Taylor, Susan Rosman, Peter Russom, Irene Sirko, Rachel Hurst, Sibel Sancar, Ken Blakemore and Peggy Jones Pfister.

The 10 overall winning artists will receive worldwide publicity and promotion through email marketing, press release and event promotions with links back to their art website. In addition, these winning artists will be promoted and circulated to over 550+ major News Outlets, Premium FOX, CBS, NBC, and Affiliated Sites, with guaranteed inclusion on Google News & Bing News. 

This art exhibition will be marketed and promoted extensively through the gallery’s extensive social media networks, including a YouTube Exhibition Video on the gallery’s YouTube Channel.  In addition, artists are presented with collateral materials to display in their portfolios including a digital Art Exhibition Event Postcard, an Award Ribbon, Event Press Release and an individual Award Certificates.

To proceed to the gallery’s 3rd Annual “Patterns” online art exhibition please visit the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.  

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the gallery's intention to help today's artists to successfully market their art to a worldwide audience. 

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