Open call for curators


Art curators are invited to collaborate with Pocket Star Gallery and submit their proposals for organising and curating online exhibitions and exhibitions at Pocket Star Galleries.

Join our team and share your love for the arts with us!

Please send us your proposal followed by a portfolio or CV (if applicable), to pocketstargallery@gmail.com.

Deadline for submissions May 31

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Call for proposals “Creative practices as a tool to work with heritage. Theater, performance, live art” Summer Symposium




Call for proposals “Creative practices as a tool to work with heritage. Theater, performance, live art" Summer Symposium

Oslo, Norway, July 28 - August 4

Deadline: June 1st


We warmly invite you to take part in the Summer Symposium organized by the Nordic Summer University. Our section will be focusing on the Nordic-Baltic regions’ heritage and all kinds of performative practices which will be considered as a tool to interpret, redefine and appropriate heritage.

This focus seems to us important and relevant for at least two reasons. Firstly, today many researchers consider heritage as a process and even as a performance. Secondly, the interaction between heritage and art opens up new possibilities, ranging from the inclusion of the body and perception to the chance to discover something for one's own experience.

Future participants can propose both theoretical presentations (up to 30 minutes) and practical workshops (up to 90 minutes). Possible topics include, but are not limited to: 

site-specific theater and performance in historical sites or on historical topics

embodied knowledge and body memory

theater and performance in museums

historical reenactment

performative commemoration

interventions in a city space

connection between urban environment and people, social practices

heritage as performance

Since our Study Circle was created specially for Nordic Summer University, we are eager to focus on cases and topics dedicated to the Nordic-Baltic regions and will prioritize applications connected to this geography.

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Free 15 minute 1:1 Career Clarity Session - Coaching for Creatives




Free 15 minute 1:1 Career Clarity Session - Coaching for Creatives

  1. We'll discuss challenges you might be facing in your work life.
  2. Investigate what change you'd like to see happen and why.
  3. Figure out what is preventing you from achieving this on your own.

Schedule a free session HERE
Email Lauryn Hill at curatedsplash@gmail.com with questions.

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Mastermind for visual women artists





  • Grow & learn in a safe warm company of other empowering creative women.
  • Discover what’s truly holding you back.
  • Execute your goals into tiny non-overwhelming steps.
  • Learn new tools & mindset shifts to practice fearlessness every day.
  • Tap into your full potential to make your dreams a reality & earn the income that you deserve.
Prize Summary: 
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Call for proposals to the Symposium “Creative practices as a tool to work with heritage. Part I. Objects"




Call for proposals to the Winter Symposium “Creative practices as a tool to work with heritage. Part I. Objects”

9-10 April, Vilnius, Lithuania

(Deadline for submission of proposals is 23th February)

We warmly invite students, artists, theorists and practitioners interested in art, museums, heritage research, interpretation, etc. to the Winter Symposium. It will be focusing on object-oriented art and creative practices related to the Nordic-Baltic regions’ heritage. This may include exhibitions, public art, installations and other types of artworks, interpretation of the archives or artifacts, curatorial practices, museum expositions, etc. The programme consists of theoretical part (formed of participants’ proposals) and practical workshops (prepared and conducted by the coordinators).

Participants are invited to propose theoretical reports, case studies, presentations about one's own practice, analysis of artists' works, critical notes, food for thoughts, etc. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- Creation of a new art object inspired by heritage, reflecting it, etc.

- Historical object/document in art space and creative practice.

- General questions of the intersection of creative practices and heritage studies.

Feel free to propose your own topics and ideas. It is important for your proposal to be related to the Nordic-Baltic heritage and focus on art practices and physical objects: created, exhibited, interpreted, etc.

More details about the programme, application and organizational issues could be found on the Web link below and inside the registration form (link under the title).

Symposium is affiliated with the Nordic Summer University (NGO with a long history and huge research experience) and the European Humanities University.

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Talkaoke Skill Lab - development opportunity


Talkaoke Skills Lab is a cross-border creative development opportunity, by an interdisciplinary art group The People Speak [London] and an art and activism hub KQ [Kampala] supported by the British Council. Taking place online / hybrid, the programme is for the UK and Uganda-based artists, performers, writers, creative producers, cultural programmers interested in pushing the boundaries of socially engaged creative practice. 

What to expect:

  • 8 online sessions via Zoom using Talkaoke – pop-up talk show format, where we will cover: key points of The People Speak methodology, including: facilitation and creation of non-hierarchical spaces and participation structures, use of digital / hybrid technology; 
  • Participant-led discussions exploring current themes and issues; co-creation of interactive learning structure where participants decide on the skills they wish to develop and share; 
  • 1 public facing hybrid event co-created by the participants in two cities, taking place in venues in London and Kampala
  • Mentoring and individual support with artistic and professional development by The People Speak, KQ Hub and a wider network of creative collaborators 
  • Technical support in how to get the best out of online platforms


The programme builds on The People Speak 25 years experience of facilitation and creating participant-led, emergent and interactive interventions and formats such as Talkaoke - a TV-style pop-up talk show. Previous partnerships include: all Tate Galleries, Barbican, In situ, ice-9 [Norway], LIFT, Rich Mix. 


Application deadline is Tuesday 1 February. 

Register for an online Talkaoke information session on Thursday 13 January, 12pm [UK time] or 15:00 [Uganda time] via this link

Find out more about the programme by following this link.


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