Wood Lithography Prints For Sale to Support Audio Tapestry Project!




NYC-based artist, Jenn Cacciola, will be presenting the project she has been working on during residencies at the Sheen Center For Thought & Culture and at Manassas National Battlefield Park in a solo exhibition this September in the Sheen Center Gallery and is seeking support for the final materials and equipment costs in the end stages of the project's development.

It is a large-scale, multi-layered tapestry piece that involves audio interviews as a "soundtrack" to the piece. The project seeks to question how growth occurs while a person is affected by environments, decisions, circumstances, and the intersection between self and others. The tapestry, along with an interactive recording booth and large-scale portrait prints of some of the interviewees will be in the exhibition.

Check out the Indiegogo page to see the contribution perks and project video at https://igg.me/at/who-are-you/x/18728693


There are also original art prints for sale to support the project at https://www.saatchiart.com/art-collection/Printmaking/Who-Are-You-Interview-Prints/1101409/243030/view

Manchester based women we need you!



We are running a verbatim project with the women of Greater Manchester for our show MOTHERLOGUES. If you have a story to tell, whether its being a mum, losing a mum or struggling to become a mum, then get in touch! We are looking for women to come forward and tell us your relationship 'motherhood' - are you adopting? Are you going thorugh IVF? Are you a surrogate mother? Perhaps you choose to be childfree or maybe you've been forced to be childless? What is your story? TELL US!! 

Draw to Perform Residency Program



Draw to Perform Residency Program

6-20 October 2018

Headed by artist and curator Ram Samocha, founder of Draw to Perform, the D2P Residency program for Drawing Performance is a unique opportunity for professional artists and art students to engage in this dynamic artistic discipline.  The program provides foundation to develop drawing and performance skills and translate creative practice into live action. This is a 15 days structured program of mentored residency. It includes one on one mentorship, workshops, intensive studio time, studio visits and artist talks by UK drawing performance artists.

The program is located at the heart of the vibrant and creative city of Brighton. It also includes guided tours to key exhibitions and art events in Brighton and London, and ends with an evening of live drawing performances to celebrate and showcase the output of this creative time.

Focus Group Research Invitation: Calling for Art Lovers & Emerging Artists



This is a master project from Goldsmiths, the University of London. We are conducting a study on building communication between emeging artists and public art lovers through sharing their inspirations. We need a few people who are art lovers, art buyers, creative practitioners, emerging artists to join our discussion. You don't have to be so professional or experienced in art buying/ selling, but we do expect that you are interested in creative & art, and have paid/ willing to pay for it. We will have a 1-2 hour discussion about the current art market (online especially), the situation of emerging artists, and the connection between artists and the buyers. Prototype test may also be included. 

The discussion will be held in two ways: 

One way is online discussion (Skype) in a 3-5 people group, and it's voluntary. The date is optional and you can choose from one of our slots here: 13th May 8pm,15th May 8pm, 16th May 8pm.

The other way is a meetup discussion at Barbican's Cinema Cafe, if you are based in London and available on 13th May 3pm, 15th May 3pm, 16th May 4pm, 17th May 4pm. Travel expenses assistance will be provided, and also coffee & snack refreshments. 

All the information you give will be confidentially used to inform parts of our market research. Welcome to share your thoughts with us.

We also attached our questionaiires that are related to the focus group topic. If you are interested in, please feel free to check. 


Meetup Discussion Address: Barbican's cinema cafe, Barbican Art’s Centre, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

Nearest Tube: Barbican; Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 8am–10.30pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10am–10.30pm



Nexus: Meetings at the Edge


This exhibition at Kirkcaldy Galleries looks at some of the ways in which 21st-century artists and makers are changing preconceptions about their art forms.

Jewellery, silversmithing, textiles and ceramics all have long histories and deep-rooted traditions behind them. Today their familiar, often restricting, boundaries are being expanded by makers taking leaps of imagination and devising fresh approaches to the way they work.

The exhibitors in Nexus are linked by great technical skill, a capacity for free-thinking and confidence in their ideas. However, each has found their own way of extending the boundaries of their art form.

Nexus celebrates the unexpected. None of the work in this exhibition may be quite what it seems…

Curated by Dr Elizabeth Goring for Fife Contemporary in collaboration with Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales, it features 20 artists from around Britain and Ireland.

Paint and Sip Franchise Opportunity with Brush Party!



A fantastic new career with a Brush Party UK Franchise!

Do you want to get away from the humdrum of 9 to 5? Are you looking for an opportunity that is not only fun, but profitable too? 

If the answer is yes, then Brush Party have the answer to your business dreams!

Visit the Brush Party UK Franchise website here: http://brushpartyfranchise.co.uk

Or, for more information, contact Cliff or Sam on 01844 390208 or email us at info@brushparty.co.uk



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