Bricking It: An Urgent Situation 2024

Traditional Indonesian brick is unfired and requires no mortar: water and friction alone fuse the bricks together, creating structures that demonstrate remarkable flexibility and resilience. Because of this, many of Indonesia’s historic brick structures – the Wringin Lawang gate, the Pari Temple, and others – have withstood earthquakes for more than six centuries. In contrast, newer Indonesian buildings made from modern, Western-style brick and mortar have proved catastrophically less resistant to seismic disturbance.


Party as Form

Residency 27, Party as Form, invites a multidisciplinary group of thinkers and makers to explore the craft of social gathering.

Party as Form takes the craft of celebration as the starting point for a residency that blends cultural theory with current experiments in curating, social practice and performance. This four-week residency offers up to four Oslo-based and two international artists, art workers and other creative, critical, and cultural practitioners the opportunity to work with Lloyd and Stratton on collective research and cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

Curatorial residency - Fondation Fiminco

Fondation Fiminco is launching an open call for international curators who can show a notable professional body of work, for a three-month research, creation and production residency taking place in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis).

winter solstice residency tulum

international invitation to artists traveling or

linking their work to this area of the world

interested in a residency stay through attending

the following collective program. Dates of realization:


11.dec.23-10.jan.24 winter solstice residency


we expect to gather 3 artists + 1 chef

to unwind, share our work and celebrate

thinktank on purpose of art

point personal goals

towards collective evolution





application deadlines 30.nov.23

limited to 2 proyects or 2 participants + 1 guest each

ARCUS Research 2024

We are pleased to announce that ARCUS Research is available in the summer 2024 and winter 2025. ARCUS Research is a self-directed residency program that offers an uninterrupted time and contemplative environment for creative experimentation, in-depth fieldwork, and research. The program enables not only artists but also curators, researchers, writers, and practitioners in the cultural field to engage in creative discourses and activities. Located in an hour from Tokyo and close to Mt. Tsukuba, ARCUS Research provides a calm environment and working space where participants can reflect and unwind the creative process.


Open call, until 29.11.2023
IDENSITAT + La Capella Centre d'Art (Barcelona)
In the framework of CARE ECOLOGIES 2023-2025

NOSYMMETRIES is a research project which will open up a variety of artistic processes linked to issues which are pertinent to three spheres in which social inequality takes a number of forms. The open call will seek out three projects to collaborate with a guest working group previously invited on account of its career-path and its socio-political involvement in grassroots projects and issues which tackle inequality.


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