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Computational Arts Studio Practicum | Visual Arts






Studio Practicum programs provide an opportunity for participants to expand and enhance their technical skills in mediums supported by Banff Centre’s Visual Arts production facilities. 

This program offers practical experience supporting Visual Arts residency programs and artists in residence as they engage with interdisciplinary approaches toward art-making in the Digital Media facilities. Computational Arts Studio Practicum participants will also engage with experienced artists from a range of disciplines (including printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography) who seek to integrate new methods into their practice.

Participants will receive mentorship and feedback from the Digital Media Facilitator as they learn skills for supporting artists’ projects, maintenance, and safe operation of equipment. Primary areas of focus include 3D printing, laser engraving, 3D scanning, and video art. Additional opportunities may arise in CNC fabrication, interactive media, and electronics. 

What does the program offer?

Learning opportunities will arise through the direct engagement with artists-in-residence, demonstrations, and regular mentorship from the Digital Media Facilitator. Individual learning objectives and goals are determined in consultation with the mentor at the beginning of the program. Digital arts are the principal focus of this program, however supplementary learning opportunities may be offered in other Visual Arts disciplines as well. Participants will receive mentorship to strengthen their technical and artistic knowledge, communication, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. In addition to supporting artists in their specific production facilities, all Studio Practicum Participants will collectively prepare and maintain studio spaces for Visual Arts residencies. 
The regular course of study for the Computational Arts Studio Practicum is 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Participants have the opportunity to spend one weekday focused on independent study, while the other four weekdays are dedicated to supporting the Computational Arts Studio Practicum, artists in residence, and regular departmental projects.

Who should apply?

This program is suited for recent graduates of studio-based programs with an emphasis on digital fabrication, interactive media, and inter-disciplinary practices. Animation, video, and audio experience is also an asset. The program offers experience within a professional organization for those seeking careers as studio technicians or production assistants, or those in pursuit of graduate studies. Applicants must exhibit foundational skills in various digital technologies through their portfolio submissions. 

Artists from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply, with a special invitation to individuals of Indigenous descent.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2020
Dates: April 13, 2020 - April 09, 2021


As this program exceeds six months in length, enrollment is limited to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. This is due to changes made by the Government of Canada to international student visa regulations, effective June 1, 2014. 


Application fee: $65

Indigenous applicants: $35

The tuition fee is covered 100% by financial assistance from Banff Centre.

Successful applicants will receive a daily living allowance while part of the program. Practicums are responsible for their own room and board costs but are eligible for subsidized Banff Centre housing based on availability

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Montemero Art Residency 2020 - An interdisciplinary Ecological Hub for Arts





Montemero Art Residency is an organization dedicated to sustainable ecology and alternative art production. We believe that the experience of living and creating in a different context has to be facilitated through exchange and collaboration. Thus, we opened our facilities to artists for them to network and collaborate with professionals from other fields. 

The Programme

Our programme offers open spaces, interdisciplinary connections that’ll expand our understanding of nature and recreation. This will be a time for you to work in your own development as well as building up your professional career through networking and collaborating. The residency is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and we welcome all those who are looking for space and time to explore new forms of interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration. Although, our long-term objective with this programme is to create an eco-art project, here some of our short-term goals:

- To create an environment and offer the facilities conducive to creative work, integrated with nature, a place to experience new perspectives and acquire new references.

- Promoting international collaboration and networking, to bring together people from different fields to share and promote ecological and cultural sustainability.

- Embrace and emphasize the experimental, the undefined and unexpected states of creativity.


Throughout the programme participating artists will have a chance to incorporate new mediums and disciplines to their practice. Salvaged materials in the scrap yard will  be open to artists creation and interpretation. This process will be supported with weekly online feedback sessions, individual portfolio reviews, and brainstorming sessions with our curator. At the end of the stay, we ask participants to present a small talk about their work and practice. In order to increase community engagement and gain experience, we also encourage artists to create and hold both public and private workshops regarding their practice and/or to join other events that are organized by Finca Montemero. Other events can be organized by the residents, within the bounds of possibilities of the organizers. 

Living arrangements

Participants will have their own private room and there is plenty of space both indoor and outside to create and be inspired. All activities at the residency are arranged in community with the host and other professionals who are using the property in the time being. This also applies to living arrangements such as cooking meals and keeping tidy. Living in a collective means being able to have respectful and insightful discussions, having someone there to help you and be inspired to create something together. 

Studio Information 

Montemero was the former atelier of German artist Wolfgang Simon. Wolfgang Simon studied from 1957 to 1962 at the Berlin College of Fine Arts. Simon understood himself as a student of Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern. Since the late 1960s to his last days, he lived in Andalusia and dedicate this life to conservation of this land. He equipped his studio for woodcut and linocut printmaking. During the residency, artists will have access to this studio and outside area that can be used for their creative practice. 

Technical Information/Facilities 

Montemero offers fully outfitted print studio and tool garage/workshop, a scrap yard where salvaged materials kept, kitchen, library, large covered patio, gardens, 1 indoor/ 1 outdoor shower, laundry machine, 2 toilets, 1 compost toilet, hot tub, caves, sunset spots, large rooftop. 


The Montermero Art Residency is based at San Juan de los Terreros, 500 meters from the Mediterranean Sea and a 30-minute walk to a small nearby town. We are located in a rural area, where shops are limited and finding a taxi can be difficult. Please make sure you’re fine with being isolated before applying. 

Language: English

Duration: 1 to 3 months

Participation fee

€500 participation fee for one full month. This fee will go towards rent, utilities, upkeep of the facilities and administrative tasks. In return, the host offers bikes (limited), snorkeling and diving equipment, surfing gear. 

Provided by the host:

- Accommodation and utilities

- Pick-up and drop-up from Jaravia train station or San Juan de los Terreros bus station

Please note: If you are elected as one of our participants, you will be required to deposit 40% of the fee within the first week of your acceptance to secure your place.  

Paid by the artist:

- Participation fee 

- Travel

- Cost of production of personal works. We cannot provide specific materials for artwork. The residency is in a rural area, so we recommend artists to travel with their own materials. Depending on your practice we might be able to provide some materials with a small fee. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your production process and needs.)

- Insurance. We do our best to ensure guests’ safety at all times, but we cannot take responsibility for personal illness, injuries or accidents. Nor can we take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. Please make sure you have adequate travel and health insurance.

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Open call for SIILK Gallery's artists in Residence





We here at SIILK GALLERY are looking for artists from all walks of life for around the world for our 2020 residency program. 

With the success of our current Gallery throughout 2019 we will be launching a new exhibition space in 2020. This has gave us the opportunity to transform our current gallery into a residency self contained studio and exhibition space.

The residency will consist of a 4 week running program with accommodation where you can live and work from the space in Athens, Greece. Use the place for a solo show for the 4 weeks or use it like an open studio, run workshops, talks, utilize the space in whichever way you want. 

At the end of each 4 weeks there will be an opening night showcasing the works produced in that time. Your works will also be featured in our online gallery for the new website of our mother gallery - We will also do a feature / interview with you leading up to the residency. 

Info about the gallery:

Our gallery is situated in the Exarchea / Neapoli area of Athens, Greece. The area is the center of art and culture in Athens, it has a thriving arts scene and community. Exarchea has an edgy alternative vibe, its streets decorated with politically charged murals and lined with anarchist bookshops and stores selling rare vinyl and vintage antiques. Bars and clubs host live music, including rembetika, jazz and punk acts. For night life and the arts, entertainment and contemporary culture it is the place to be in Athens, Greece.

The Gallery is spread over 2 floors to exhibit in and an upstairs self contained studio for our residents..

It is in a very central location with access from a main road, it has a full 2 story glass double frontage so it makes for a very bright exhibiting space.

How the residency work:

4 week accommodation at Sillk Residents Gallery or full use of the 3 floors space.

Private view/press viewings and other publicity

Design and printing of invitations, mail out and social media invites

Photography of work for catalogue, website, press and online store

Featured work & artist information on and social medias

Opening event with music and drinks sponsor

Payment & Pricing:

The price for the 4 week residency program is €500. This will be 4 weeks full use of the space and preview exhibition. If artists wish to stay longer this can be discussed. We will accept a 20% deposit to confirm the space. The rest to be paid 6 weeks before allocated residency.

We take 0% commission on works sold throughout the duration of the artists stay.

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Plastic | Visual Arts Thematic






Plastic is everywhere, and is increasingly an object of environmental concern. However, it also provides the basis of our contemporary infrastructures including buildings, clothing, and communications networks. Despite the necessary campaigns for the elimination of single-use plastics, it is a material that cannot be easily dismissed. Plastic is one of the most intimate manifestations of our connections with oil, as it is used in everything from baby bottles to sex toys. It is also one of the foremost materials used in the production of contemporary art, from moulds to vinyl to paints.  

This residency explores how we might reconfigure our relations to plastic, seeing it as a material of potential connection, of resilience, of queer productivity without denying its immediate and devastating environmental consequences. What might happen if we thought of plastic as incredibly valuable material, rather than as immanently expendable? We invite makers and thinkers to reimagine their relations with this now fundamental material, to explore processes of recycling and reconstituting, and to pay attention to the uneven materialities of plastic and its affordances as an artistic material.

What does the program offer?

Residencies offer a structured program where visual artists, curators, and other arts professionals come together to create work and discuss pertinent themes. Through peer interaction, discussion groups, studio work, formal lectures, and studio visits from world-renowned visiting faculty, artists and curators, participants gain new ideas and insights that can be applied to creative exploration and professional development of their work.

This program is designed for participation over the entire period. Variable dates will not be considered.

Who should apply?

This residency is open to visual artists, curators, and academics. Applicants should have completed formal training in visual arts or a field related to this program at the post-secondary level, and should demonstrate a history of exhibitions, publications, and projects. Collectives of no more than two people are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline: March 04, 2020
Dates: July 20 - August 21, 2020



Financial Aid up to 100% is available to cover tuition (meal plans and accommodations are not eligible).

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TRACTOR residency : call for artists and or art projects




TRACTOR is a residency programme to offer artists time to focus, assistance on a project, spending time with creatives ... 

TRACTOR programme is for all those creative minds who wish to change their environment for a couple of weeks and find inspiration in a new setting.

For those who are longing for disciplinary diversity in the studio, or are simply in need of undisturbed time to develop or finish up a body of work.
We encourage artists to explore, step out of the box and experiment with different techniques or modes of production. “Test” your ideas within a larger frame than your own studio.
- share your art practice giving an artist’s talk,
- obtain a firsthand response from the public,
- exhibit, get media exposure,
- have a workshop; for example at a school,
- collaborate with a local (cultural) institution,
- visit studios of local artists, network.
- accommodation
- 24/7 studio 
- provide access to a wide range of equipment and/or materials: 
foundry for small-scale sculptures (for bronze, aluminium,… casting),
wood workshop (with belt sander 60Ø, band saw, lathe,…),
printmaking supplies & press (for lithography, etching, lino-cut, wood-cut,…),
 screen printing equipment,
metal workshop,
ceramics kiln & pottery wheel,
recording studio.


How long can I stay : 1-12 weeks
When can I come : between April and November 2020
Does my art practice fit in? We welcome each and every passionate professional from all creative fields, nationalities, and ages. 
Can we come as an artist duo (or group)? You can; within the TRACTOR residency programme, we accept both, applications from individual artists as well as artists duos and/or groups.

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2020 International Summer Program





Since 1992, The Watermill Center has hosted the International Summer Program, uniting over 80 artists from more than 25 countries for a five-week creative intensive. The Summer Program provides a unique opportunity to work with established professionals in the international arts world; to forge an international community of artists from a broad range of experience levels and disciplines; and to investigate what it means to be a “global artist.”

Summer Program participants receive access to an extensive collection of resources central to the Watermill experience: lectures on the arts and humanities led by international cultural luminaries; opportunities to propose and develop work for public presentation during The Annual Summer Benefit & Auction and Discover Watermill Day; 20,000 square feet of multi-purpose interiors and outdoor stages; a theater production archive; The Watermill Center Study Library; The Watermill Center Collection; and ten acres of landscaped grounds and sculpture gardens. Participants also have an opportunity to work with Artistic Director, Robert Wilson and participate in early staging rehearsals as well as take part in research and design workshops with his collaborators.

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