Cecilia Cavalieri | Visual Artist, Researcher | Paris | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: Paris
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual Artist, Researcher

- About -

visual artist born in são paulo and based between paris and rio de janeiro. she holds a masters in fine arts from the state university of rio de janeiro [uerj] e is enrolled in the phd program at the school of fine arts [eba] at the federal university of rio de janeiro [ufrj]. her work assembles an artistic practice with theoretical research, relating art, nature and economy/ecology of some crisis with the damaged modern subject in installations, photos, sculptures, texts, objects and videos. the idei is to develop, in each work, an ecology of this subject in a cosmopoetic excercise. ceciliacavalieri@gmail.com facebook.com/ceciliacavalieri www.instagram.com/ceciliacavalieri/