Charlotte E Padgham | Jewellery Designer/Maker, Stage Manager | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Multidiscipline
Professional Title: Jewellery Designer/Maker, Stage Manager

- About -

STAGE MANAGEMENT: I have 20 years experience within producing, receiving, collaborative, West End and national and international touring contexts with particular emphasis on new writing, adaptations and collaborative projects. I am fully trained with a First Class BA Honours Degree from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I had also been a casual Event Manager at The Albany, Deptford for several years from 2008 and have been a visiting professional, assessor & mentor to stage management students at RCSSD since 2006. VISUAL ART & JEWELLERY: The coalescence of art & science through materials & processes connects all of my work. Themes of transition, manipulation, ephemerality and imperfection are explored through the analysis and re-appropriation of found objects and matter with a view to creating work that harnesses both control and spontaneity and that have the potential to or the feeling of being able to transform and evolve over time. Recent work explores the shedding of skin and hair from the human body. I set out to investigate and respond to what this matter becomes once it is discarded and what it leaves behind leading to ideas of transference, displacement and identity and how once this precious matter has left the body it is readily discarded and repelled. This has led to further experimentations into the traces and residues we leave behind – using the body as tool and material to explore the transference and preservation of the self; bodily presence in absence of the body. British anthropologist Mary Douglas' definition of dirt as 'matter out of place' has led me to engage into the conflict, attitudes and responses between the usual associations of discarded matter and it's re-valued and elevated context. I am interested in The Uncanny, the paradoxical 'push and pull' reaction, what it is in human nature that draws us in and at the same time repels us and how this response can be manipulated through re-contextualisation.