Chiara Smirne | Artist | Milano | Art Jobs
Country: Italy
City: Milano
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: acrylic and oil paint

- About -

The artistic word of Chiara Smirne (July 1980) aims to explore the surrounding world, reproducing it not as it is, but in a dreamlike and imaginary way, focusing the attention on the emotional side of one or more details: a glance, a light, a billboard, a dark staircase, a neon sign, an empty street. What mainly interests her is bringing impressions, emotions and states of mind to the canvas. The urban landscapes of Chiara Smirne are symbols of memories of life, of existential awkwardness, mirrors of anxieties. The artist puts on a surreal show. The urban glances are like theatrical or cinematographic set designs, artificial architectures showing the emptiness and inconsistency of man-made fictions. Cinema often plays an important influence in Chiara Smirne's works. Especially the films of David Lynch. The poetic and absurd visionary of the director is closely felt and interiorised by the artist. She, like Lynch, represents public places of an exaggerated normality that hide terrible emotions. Chiara Smirne paints worlds belonging to an apparent daily reality, but, like she herself says, they are places inspired by dreams, memories, fears. The effect of bewilderment embedded in her canvases is given by the creation of a dreamlike structure. The artist is always able, here as elsewhere, to create a temporal deformation in which the hours seem expanded and uncertain. She represents the urban landscape with a solid and exaggerated slowness able to gather what is happening behind the scenes. Scenographer, architect, carpenter, painter, Chiara Smirne gives us an open scene where we can construct the plot. She doesn’t judge, she limits herself to creating a world that we can populate. It’s the freedom of art, the magic theatre of painting, where anything can be or nothingness can dominate. She lives and works in Milan.