Christy Walsh | Director, Choreographer | Scarsdale | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Scarsdale
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Director, Choreographer
Specialties: Choreography, Photoshop, Video Editing

- About -

Christy Walsh is a native of Norfolk, Virginia, where she began her performance career as a child with her grandmother’s Norfolk Musical Theater, with whom she learned music and acting. She started her dance training with Tidewater Ballet and Virginia Beach Ballet Academy before going on to dance with Virginia Ballet Theater, Chamber Ballet of Williamsburg, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet Theater, Pennsylvania Ballet, Elbert Watson, Beverly Cordova Duane, Richmond Ballet, Arlington Dance Theater, Metropolitan Ballet, San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet, PAs Dance Troupe, as well as the ensembles of Old Dominion University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University and other independent choreographers. While doing all of this dancing, Walsh completed programs in Liberal Arts and Applied Art and Design at Tidewater Community College, where her work was featured in student shows as well as being chosen for professional exhibits at the Virginia Arts Center in Virginia Beach and the Zeitgeist Gallery in Norfolk. She went on to study photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and to complete a BFA in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she began her dance-video and multi-media collaborations, most notably with Anne Hetrick; their collaboration, which was set to a narration penned by writer/ composer Mark Mobley, was featured in a video show the Anderson Gallery. While working both as a freelance dancer and in post-production in New York, she participated in the “Dance for Camera” residency at MASS Moca in 1999. In 2001 Walsh formed stringdance+media in New York. In addition to producing videos that were showcased at local festivals, the group was in residence at New Jersey Peak Arts Center in 2003, and performed regularly at dance showcases in New York and New Jersey. Walsh also worked as a guest of Southwest Virginia Ballet where she created ballets for the company which were presented by the company at the Regional Dance America Showcase, and as part of the company’s spring season. While in Virginia, she produced videos and created site-specific projects under the auspices of stringdance+media; her “Art In Windows” project was sponsored by the Roanoke Council for the Arts. In 2005 Walsh founded the performance-based company Southwest Contemporary Ballet which performed at local colleges, arts festivals, art galleries and libraries in San Antonio, Texas. She enjoyed a choreographic residency through San Antonio Parks and Recreation in 2006-2007. Both independently and with Modern Dancers’ Co-Lab, she collaborated with local artists, including filmmakers Russ Ansley and Erik Bosse, sculptor Jayne Lawrence and multi-media artist Jennie Powers and the Sculptors’ Dominion. She also produced the site-specific performance event “Dada Dinner Party” at the Blue Star Arts Center in 2007. In 2007, Walsh moved to Seoul, South Korea, where she further explored her interest in examining philosophy through dance in a project with filmmaker Juhee So, “An Episode of Bad Faith”, which included sound design by Michael Noble, and was screened at film festivals in Arizona (Her Shorts, 2008) and Italy (LOOP, 2010). Walsh returned to New York in 2008. She performed in numerous showcases from 2009 - 2013. In addition to producing an evening-length show, “Stories of the Sun God” at Green Space in 2010, she has created site-specific pieces for: FIGMENT Festival (2011), and Chashama (2013). In 2017 Walsh performed in collaboration with a poet, Jeni Syrri-Chiraki and actor Pantelis Zouras in Chios, Greece, where she returned to perform with the choral ensemble, directed by Angela Tsimperlou, for a Christmas celebration. She has enjoyed choreographic residencies at the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation in 2010-2011, Salvatore LaRussa Dance Academy in 2011 and CUNY La Guardia in 2014. She has worked extensively as a teacher and choreographer for student companies, and co-directed a 2012 production of “The Nutcracker” for New Jersey Youth Ballet. Her video art has been included in festivals such as the AVIFF in Cannes and LOOP in Italy, the Anderson Gallery in Richmond, VA, experimental film festivals in Cyprus, Sweden and Portugal, as well as the Human Emotions Project: a video art festival with showings in China, Portugal, Iran, South Africa and Sweden. She continues to participate in regional art shows and to create new dances for video. In 2018 Walsh completed a feature-length film in three acts, “Folly” on which she began work in 2011. The film features dancers from Greece and the US, and was shot on location in New York and Chios. The first act of the film was screened at the Expressions Art Film Festival and the Consonance Music and Dance Film Festival.