Cindy Magee | Artist, Industrial Engineer | BOSSIER CITY | Art Jobs
Country: United States
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Artist, Industrial Engineer

- About -

NW Louisiana artist Cindy Magee has been experimenting with creativity since childhood. She has worked in oil, acrylic, mixed media, and installations. Her themes generally include a nod to peacefulness in nature but have been known to take drastic turns toward the darker side of humanity. Not all of her works seem to be made by the same person due to her inability to make her thoughts stay on the same tracks for more than a brief period of time. Because of this, at several solo shows patrons have questioned how many different artists must be represented when, in fact, she was the only artist. “I like it this way. An artist should never feel confined to one direction. It should be a choice they want to make. Otherwise, how can happy little accidents happen that might just change the world?”