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On a cold January night, I received a call from a friend of mine who reached to me with a special request. " I need you to photograph me," she said, " I need you to photograph my broken heart". In a trembling voice, she then went on sharing her entire story. As I was carefully listening to her, I was to understand that she was confronting something beyond a broken heart. She had gotten to the point of suffering, where also her mind, body, and soul were in extreme pain. She was in pieces.  

I was on it. I had to do it. For her sake but for mine as well. As it happened, during that same time, I, myself, was getting through the darkest moment of my life.  

So here in this project, we came together to express our bleeding hearts hoping that it will somehow heal us and relieve the pain. 

These images have nothing to do with the rest of my photographic work. They are not fashionable, they are not glamourous, and there is nothing beautiful about them. On the contrary, one might even find them quite ugly and disturbing. Depression isn't pretty, though. Day by day, it sucks our external and internal beauty. Eyes lose their flame and become empty, to only reflect the emptiness inside. 

Today, almost four years later, I am grateful and happy to say that it has been some time now that I and my friend, both managed to get through this dark place. Unfortunately, many are those who continue down the road of darkness where sanity and light become out of reach. With this project, I hope to bring some awareness to the mental health issue of today's society. Major traumatic experiences can trigger our fragile human minds and one should never be ashamed or scared to seek help. 

Lewis Brillet



Studio Upstairs is a project I started in 2016. Following the loss of my elder brother in a tragic accident, I needed to focus on something to help me cope through the intense mourning process. Through my creative outlet being mainly photography and writing at the time, I sought to explore how art had become an integral part of the recovery process and a much needed form of expression for others, as it had for me.

Studio Upstairs is an arts and health charity with studios located in Bristol and London. I came to understand that although every member may have been going through different issues, they had found solidarity in the space provided by the art therapy studio. As someone who has difficulty expressing their emotions vocally, I was touched that I was accepted into their community. I was also going through my own personal process and I think that helped provide a connection between me and the members I was documenting. 

Alexandre Desane



Crépus is an on-going photo series on Black hair of Black people in France. I’ve started this series back in 2019, everything began with a global project on Racism I'm still working on, with different lines of research.
A short film I've directed called "The Orange child", it deals with the vision of racism through the eyes of a Black child and about the stereotypes in the cinema and video game industry in France which led me to start creating my own short video game with a Black hero.
While I was working on these two projects, I've kept hearing about Black people getting fired because of their hairstyle.That was the starting point of this photo series, I needed to celebrate Black hair.
My name is Alexandre Desane, I was born in France, of Haitian parents, Frizzy hair is obviously part of my everyday life. I chose on purpose to shoot Black people outside, within the city, I don’t want no studio, no extra lighting. The series is exclusively shot in Black & White film with a Street photography approach. It’s important to me to show Black hair in everyday life on women, men, and children...
Crépus is a celebration of the uniqueness of Black hair.


Alexandre Desane is an actor, photographer, filmmaker and web developer.
As an actor, he was part of several independent films such as 'To Repel Ghosts' (2013 TIFF) and 'RUN' by Philippe Lacôte (2014 Un Certain Regard), 'HEIS (chroniques)' by Anaïs Volpé (2016 LA Film Festival, 2017 IFFR). He was selected as a Berlinale Talent in 2015, in the actor workshop.
As a filmmaker, in 2020, he produced and co-directed a documentary series on self taught artists in France (funded by Le CNC).

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