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Cherie Lee


"How are you?", asks everyone you meet.

I answer simply that I'm:


"Holding It Together"

It's 'Just a Scratch'.

A little road rash.

But I'm holding it together.


Don't mean to bitch,

But I'm 'Slippin' a Stitch'.

I feel I could untether.


Won't lose it yet,

But could use a 'Safety Net'.

It's coming apart completely.


It's too late.

Broken by fate.

How did it defeat me?



'It's Just a Scratch' carved ostrich eggshell - 1st in the series, "Holding it Together"
'Slippin' a Stitch' carved ostrich eggshell - 2nd in the series, "Holding it Together"
'Safety Net' carved ostrich eggshell - 3rd in the series, "Holding it Together"
'Glimpse of Mental Illness' Re-Assembled Shattered Eggshell
'Feeling Fragile' (in portrait --- in landscape: 'Fetal'), carved rhea eggshell
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