Vero Beach

Merana Cadorette

As an artist, I have been fortunate that I can paint my way through the highs and lows of my life.  I have friends and family that do not have that outlet, and/or have far more serious mental issues than I.

I noticed that many people have a difficult problem understanding a non-visible illness.  With my artwork, I hoped to present pieces that provoked the feelngs of of anxiety, despair and depression in a way that was beautiful enough to make someone look closely, but disturbing enough to make the viewer hopefully get a feeling and relation to the mental anguish that is suffered.  My wish is these paintings give people a way to start a comversation and open up between those who suffer and those who want and need a visual reference to understand.

"Sinking into Depression" is a passive descent into the depths. The further down, the less light and warmth, and the more obstacles it looks like to even attempt to surface. A gradual, soul-sucking experience.
"Falling into Despair" is an active tumble away from color, light, and life. The further down, the more things crumble and fall apart. This encompasses the ideas of spiraling down, brain storms of flashing lights and the teetering brink of insanity.
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