Grey Cross

The model who posed for this body painting was at the time going through a very bad situation where (as I found out later) he'd ended up being put in prison. He knew when he modeled for me that his life was over as he'd known it and there was little chance that he would beat the charges. As the artist and photographer I knew none of this at the time. But as I worked on the final art there was something that kept pushing me towards showing him showing him as a broken man, pleading for his life. Only later did I find out the whole story and realized that his severe mental state was coming out in the art. The final piece in the series was a haunting piece with a suicide letter, the figure holding light in one hand and darkness in the other. The ability to read the models mental state has been a reoccuring theme throughout my work since then, but he was first to force me to the realization that I was doing so. I wrote an article a few years back on the ability to channel the emotions of the model into the art. You can find it at:

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