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Hannah Witner

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Hannah Witner’s work spans from colorful, surrealist, and psychological oil paintings, whimsical sculptures, and experimental & commercial design. Approaching her work with figurative irreverence, biomorphisms, tableaus of existential dilemmas as a measure of the contemporary human condition, she finds a balance. Witner’s work combines humanoids with an expansive array of visual material with immense play of colors, beginning in consciousness and transience. Her work combines touches of reality with meta-fiction and comedy and reflects our disorder, dissociation, detachment, individualism, and weird minutia of the human condition. Other themes such as dissociation, detachment, individualism, and transience play a major role in the majoritively abstract figurative work. Sometimes absurd and riddled with dark humor, the work allows the viewer to confront questions I have posed in a more serene way. It echoes the phenomena of the subconscious through morphing characters, figures in motion, and layers of consciousness and reality through bold juxtaposition of line, color, and shape. The new way that we must move through the world in a post-modern society is explored by the constant state of movement and deformity that the body takes, on it’s own and in conjunction with others. She pokes at the flawed and unexplainable through painting and illustration, expressing a disorderliness that is both humorous and amorphic. Witner hopes her new bodies of work read as an exploration into the boundaries that comics and cartoons can push into traditional and non-traditional painting techniques and experimental forms. She has been working with the juxtaposition between the intense high frequency of chaos balanced with low frequency moments of rumination. Primordial and apocalyptic; sweeping and specific; humorous and biological: all exploring the chaos and order of moments in between what we can actually see.

Untitled (self portrait in red)
oil and charcoal on canvas, 32x42in, 2020
Untitled (self portrait on floral sheet)
oil acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 32x42”, 2020

Hannah Witner is a multidisciplinary visual artist and innovative designer. She is a North Carolina-born, NYC-based creator who began her love of art around age 3, and has been learning ever since. She graduated at the top of her class with a BFA in Integrated Design from Parsons School for Design at the end of 2018. 

Her work spans from colorful, surrealist, and psychological oil paintings, whimsical drawings, and experimental & commercial design. Hannah is a multidisciplinary artist: at the heart of her work lies a passion for uncovering the hidden potential of materials, psychological processes, and the human condition, which she undertakes in a spirit of curiosity and experimentation. 

Hannah has been a merit studio resident at NG Art Creative Residency (Provence, France), Nes Artist Residency (Skagaströnd, Iceland), Zaratan Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon, Portugal), The Bowery Union (formerly ConArtist Collective NYC; NYC), C-3 Lab (Charlotte, NC, USA), and in 2020-2021 will participate in residencies across eastern and western Europe. Hannah is represented by PIAPH Gallery in New York City and is a part of a number of artist-run art collectives in NYC. She has exhibited across the USA including many in NYC, as well as Lisbon and St. Petersburg; she has work in private collections across the US, as well as in Portugal, France, and Germany.