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Two years ago I was struck by the story, told by my mother-in-law. Her pretty young neighbour gave birth to a nice healthy child. She arrived home from maternity center looking quite happy, put the baby into his crib, took a rope and hang herself on a chandelier. That is how I faced the post-partum depression for the first time.

It all looks nonsense to our parents or friends. How can you feel unhappy if you have a cute baby, you are healthy, everything is fine? Why? What is wrong with me, I asked myself. Where does the desire to hide from the whole world come from? Maybe it is just hormones, maybe it is just new fears. I still have no answer. But I see how it affects people's life. 

A woman in Moscow took two her children (one was under 1 years old) and stepped out of the window on the 8th floor with them. From the latest news - a woman in a small Russian town held her newborn in a wardrobe for almost half a year, hoping it would die, but her elder son secretly feeded the baby.

Post-partum depression is a strange mechanism of the nature.