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Tea Jagodic


I'm very often talking about mental health in my artworks, in a creative and conceptual way because there is so much stigma around it and I will never stop talking about it. It's hard to explain how it feels, how it looks like and that reaching for help is not a shame, it can save a life. So, I'm using myself, my own body and knowledge about that topics to show people that it exists and ill people really can live normally but you have to accept them, they are a normal part of the society but just a bit different.

The story about how someone else can make you to become mentally ill and you don't even realise it. Manipulation is a strong game. ''He taught me. Monsters do exist. And they look like people. Life, interpersonal relationships and chess are the fight against mistakes.''
Describing feeling of depression like a cancer of emotions.
Creepy and surreal small room, showing that just one call can change everything but sometimes the illness takes over your, makes you blind and you don't even realise that you need that call and help, until it's maybe too late.
This photo was taken in the abandoned building to represent the inner feeling of darkness, mess and loneliness in all of that journey for survival, far away from the eyes of the family, friends and society.