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Lough Foyle is beautiful. It is the life blood for our wonderful city. It has also had a very dark role to play in our history despite this natural beauty. 

Suicide rates in Northern Ireland are amongst the highest in the world. Post conflict more lives have been lost to suicide than those lost during the 'troubles'. 

In January 2020 the Samaritans reported that suicide rates for men and women are higher in Northern Ireland than other UK nations and the Republic of Ireland.

Many families have had this devastating experience brought to their door. The life lost is a terrible blow to those left behind, it shatters worlds. 

My family found itself dealing with the loss of a loved one. For us he'll never be just another statistic. 

The families and local community assist in the search efforts, knowing the worst but needing to recover loved ones bodies from the River Foyle.  

This work revisits the search routes walked for the six days before recovering the body.  It explores the trauma faced by the family, community and volunteer searchers. 

The Foyle is a constant source of churning flotsam and jetsam.  Many items appear in the river daily, playing with one's eyesight. Hoping to find something, anything, belonging to him for reassurance that we were looking in the right places.  

What are beautiful walks along the river bank for many holds deep trauma for those who have trod the same path looking for loved ones.

With inner strength and determination family and friends pulled together to bring our loved ones home.

The NHS is overwhelmed. Help is needed to staunch this awful loss of life.