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Tracy Whiteside


Women are rarely one thing or another.  They cannot be categorized or labeled.  A woman can be anything and everything at any given time.  Within are the secrets that they keep.  The world is full of monsters with friendly faces and angels full of scars. We never reveal, even to our partner, every hidey hole where we tuck away the bad stuff.  What would happen if everyone removed their mask and bared their soul to the world?  This is about what we hide from the world and how it twists and turns us inside.  No one knows the real you.  No matter if you were “popular” or hid in the bathroom at lunch, everyone has insecurities.  Moments that haunt us.  And it hurts regardless of who you are.

Hiding inside, watching life pass her by. She does not want them judging her.
Frightened by every thought. She jumps at every sound. Paranoia may get the best of her.
Wanting to escape reality. Doesn't know how.
Depression sucks the energy out of her. Some days she can't stand up.
Falling into the darkness. In slow motion.