Veron Sung(Poh Yi)


Discrimination, miscommunication and lack of communication made mental illness patients particular lonely. This may make them create imaginary friend(s). They just need care from others.

3D collage painting on photography of art moral. Photography has always been seen as a documentation of the truth while painting is more related to imagination. I mixed them around by photographed painting of art mural. The mural itself made together with real object. My subject is on that real object. I then painted the photo of the real person to make it unreal but collage everything in 3D to recreate the real space to make it even more realistic than photo. It is a playful mixture of real and unreal. It is like the images and thoughts that in mental illness patients which they cannot distinguish which is real and which is not. The surgical mask is a sign of communication barrier/illness/hospitalized. Her hand wants to reach out and to others- a friendly gesture.
details of Image 1
3D details of Image 1