Cory Ecker | Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer | New York New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York New York
Industry: Graphic Design
Professional Title: Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer
Specialties: Concept Ideation, Digital Art, Painting

- About -

As a young creative I am inspired by innovation and ideas. Things that shake the status quo and bring new ideas into the world. I take influence from the fringe and the far out. Thinkers and creators who are not afraid to push concepts to the limit and explore the corners that no one has touched. The kind of work that I seek to create does not walk on the worn path but rather paves its own way. I love the dialogue between the creative and the creation. The ontological conversation that a person has with their own work and the tools that use in the process. I studied Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design between 2013-2017 where I studied the creative and ideation process. I believe that the journey between concept to final product is one that has far reaching benefits for any industry. From there I spent time as a freelance artist and designer where I honed and explored my own aesthetic and ideas. In 2018 I moved to New York City where I took a job as Creative Lead at TCHNLGY Strategists/NYPPCO. This gave me insight into the functions of business as well as into the corporate design world. I learned to use the design and production pipeline for creating promotional products at New York Promotional Products Company. Since leaving TCHNLGY in October 2018 I have been investigating my personal tastes and ideas in a multitude of media. I am working on several projects that include painting, writing as well as graphic design. I am interested in further involving myself with the illustration and design communities that are present in New York as well as collaborating with other creatives and leaders in the city.