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Jacob Clayton


Words cannot adequately express what it’s like to go through life in the wrong body. The turbulence of confusion, desperation, fear, and isolation creates a sustained trauma from which I had found very little escape. But after almost four decades of diagnoses, therapists, pharmaceuticals, inpatient and outpatient hospitalization, and suicide attempts, I found art therapy. When I picked up a camera and began to depict my fractures visually, I came out of the closet as a transgender man and everything changed.

Gazing into the lens of my own life’s complexities, I document the double standards, hidden curricula, systematic microaggressions, and profoundly destructive groupthink about gender identity and mental illness. My current projects include Sustained Trauma, a therapeutic journey through dissociation and the road to gather and assemble the reclaimed pieces of a life. And Deprivation of Self, Portraits, which expands the vocabulary of photo-based art to explore and challenge cultural representations of gender.

Through these images, I seek to better understand the truths about myself and the world. And to be understood.

Self Portrait | In My Skin
Electroshock Therapy
May Cause Side Effects
Broken In Too
Look at Yourself

Casper Brodersen


2020 is considered one of the worst years in US History. Many people lose their loved ones to Covid- 19. An un-commitment to maintain and follow the protocol. It has never been easier. As a resident in the US, I have worked in the restaurant since the beginning of the pandemic. Many people have failed to put the mask on. It is very depressing to see how ignoring people are. However, there are still people, especially older individuals that could not go anywhere because of their health.

Self-isolation can be easier with someone or something you love. "dog is man's best friend."

Gregory Lee Pickard


My life story: Survival and coping with bi-polar disorder. I could write the book.


1970 self photograph living in the woods.
2020 self photograph living in the city.
With Albert Diaz. J/Z subway platform, 2019
Wheelchair pulling a plow.
In my tree house with "Rainbow"

Jacob Clayton


Jacob Clayton is a visual artist who uses photography, video, and mixed media as means to expand the vocabulary that challenges societal expectations and cultural representations of gender identity and expression. His work often chronicles a therapeutic journey through dissociation and the road to gather and assemble reclaimed pieces of a life lived for decades as a closeted transgender man in America.

Self Portrait | In My Skin
Electroshock Therapy
May Cause Side Effects
Look at Yourself
Self Portrait | How Many Fifths of a Man?

Cherie Lee

"How are you?", asks everyone you meet.

I answer simply that I'm:


"Holding It Together"

It's 'Just a Scratch'.

A little road rash.

But I'm holding it together.


Don't mean to bitch,

But I'm 'Slippin' a Stitch'.

I feel I could untether.


Won't lose it yet,

But could use a 'Safety Net'.

It's coming apart completely.


It's too late.

Broken by fate.

How did it defeat me?



'It's Just a Scratch' carved ostrich eggshell - 1st in the series, "Holding it Together"
'Slippin' a Stitch' carved ostrich eggshell - 2nd in the series, "Holding it Together"
'Safety Net' carved ostrich eggshell - 3rd in the series, "Holding it Together"
'Glimpse of Mental Illness' Re-Assembled Shattered Eggshell
'Feeling Fragile' (in portrait --- in landscape: 'Fetal'), carved rhea eggshell

Max Wolf


Quantify is an abstracted, blurred glimpse into the difficulties and shrouded confusion of a profuse struggle for validity and acceptance through the difficult terrains or body dysphoria and body dysmorphia in a rare self-depiction.

"One who lacks security in their physical form is preyed upon by a ruthless and unrelenting politic of desire that is destructive and unyielding in its mental terror. The obscured, blurred lines of the body reflect this looking-glass reality where one can starve, binge and medicate to oblivion with no truth interjected about the reality of their form or its importance; that importance is left to mass media, who will prove time and time into eternity that the livelihood of one who is not desired is the livelihood of one who is not valued."


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