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Taylor Jean Hess

I am a photographer and artist, aspiring to be a travel magazine photographer in my near future. I am entranced by light and color in the composition of places and objects that are I explore and adventure to. I am mesmerized by the vast changes in atmosphere and environment when I travel and visit new places, and I record those changes with my camera. I use digital and film cameras to capture my landscape and still life photographs.

North Georgia Mountains, 2016. While hiking through the North Georgia mountains, I came across this beautiful view of the mountains, lake, trees, and clouds. It was one of the most surreal and serene days of my life to come upon such beauty in one place. The unity of the blues and green colors reflect and bounce off of one another. The nature is boundless only by the shadowed trees in the foreground, just peaking open enough for a viewer to come close to this wonderful sight.
Dahlonega Cave, Georgia, 2020. Nature's beauty is legendary and is represented by the stark greens and murky blacks on the outside of my cave photograph. The vivid green color on the outside of the cave coming from the ferns, bushes, and trees represents the color of life, growth, and harmony of nature. In contrast, the dark black color coming from within the cave represents the dramatic mystery that is waiting to be explored in the cave. Pairing the green and black tones of colors makes a fresh and modern palette. Usually when thinking of a cave, I think of dark colors such as brown and black, but the greenery around the cave itself makes it a more inviting place to go into and changes the perception of a cave.

Taylor was born and raised in Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Art degree in Interdisciplinary Art and Design. I visit various towns in Georgia and Tennessee, and find places and objects that I notice on the side of the road. These images remind me of where I or my family grew up and of my home in Georgia. When exploring these long roads, I capture these places and objects during different times of day and weather with my interest being the change of light on the subject.

roberta ruocco


Life has a way of transforming us into something we no longer recognize. Photography has been fundamental in

peeling back the layers of my life and reconnecting me with my subconsciousness. The intention of my work is to

eliminate all that is superfluous and engage mindfulness. My images are meant to provoke self-reflection, which

encourages the development of true well-being, which is where we can find ourselves again.

Given the current world we live in, I believe mankind would only benefit from self-reflection, engaging our

subconsciousness and bringing awareness to what truly matters in life. This scholarship would give me the

opportunity to explore the extent of how photography encourages self-reflection and grant every viewer a passage

towards their own introspective quest to re-connection within humanity and with ourselves.

6 minute exposure Hasselblad + Phaseone IQ100 digital back
30 second exposure Hasselblad + Phaseone IQ100 digital back

My parents immigrated to America from the island of Capri. I am first generation born in Palm Beach, Florida and was fortunate enough to spend my summers in Capri. I grew up capturing the two places closest to my heart through my lens, not ever realizing the relevancy.

While in college studying international marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I took a black and white photography class. Which inspired me more than anything and ignited my passion. I graduated from FIT, got married had two beautiful children and shortly thereafter I went back to study photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC where I received a BFA in photography. It was a challenging journey but such a noteworthy experience on so many levels! You can find me capturing moments anywhere between New York, Palm Beach and Capri!

Victoria Ruiz


Victoria Ruiz is a multidisciplinary artist that works across an array of mediums that aid her in challenging and questioning the status quo. Her creative journey was sparked through her strong sense and belief in activism. Through her work, she is able to tell a story by engulfing you in a magnetic realm that revisits parts of her childhood, delves into her very own heritage and culture, gives a voice to the voiceless, and above all else constantly questions that powers that be.  

The Venezuelan artist is based between Miami and London. She is currently completing a BA In Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint Martins.

'El Fin o El Comienzo' translates to The End or The beginning. This is a visualization of my current view of Venezuela transformed through my childhood memories and experiences.
'Soldado Callejero' translates to Street Soldier. This is a visualization of my current view of Venezuela transformed through my childhood memories and experiences.

Karen Kanas

I am an artist specializing in painting landscapes, abstract art, portraits and figures. Most of what I create comes from my own memories and places I have been to, or an idea comes to me organically that I want to explore on canvas. I like to create a custom palette for each of my pieces with one dominant color that takes precedence throughout the piece. My artwork has a calming effect and is intended for the viewer to evoke their own memory or interpretation of the piece.

Untitled Landscape I, Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 36"
Untitled Landscape II, Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 36"

Karen was raised in Chicago, Illinois and involved in the arts from a very young age. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre from the Performing Arts Center, Barat College of DePaul University. Karen was fortunate enough to work with such theatre companies as Steppenwolf Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Chicago Theatre and Phoenix Theatre to name a few. She studied painting and art history throughout her years in school, in addition to studying architecture and interior design when she moved to Los Angeles, California at UCLA. Karen has been an artist for over ten years. Her background in theatre and architecture has influenced her immensely as an artist. Many pieces of her artwork have been on exhibit in Los Angeles, New York City and San Jose. Karen was featured in DESTIG Magazine as one their top emerging artists for 2019 and in the Los Angeles Art Association 2019 Volume 2 Catalog. She was a 2020 scholarship recipient from the Los Angeles Art Association and is a founding artist of Ozli based in Los Angeles. Karen also wrote and produced her video performance art piece, The Unseen Artist which is a self-exploration of herself as an artist, and she directed the online series, Shakespeare's Pawn.

Mike Burman


A group of daycare kids follow their leader down the sidewalk.
A woman with an umbrella passes before a rainy window.

Angie St.Louis


My travels have been the most important experiences of the past 7 years of my life. It has allowed me to grow as an Artist and human being. I am a visual artist and maker. I have been taking Art classes for as long as I can remember, drawing, painting, working with clay and mixed medias. Once class I was never able to take was Photography, because there was never an available class, they were always full to capacity!! I decided to start teaching myself using my phone's camera and worked my way up to a beginner DSLR camera. My favorite photos come from my travels because I was able to forever capture so much of the beauty my eyes were seeing. My photos have come such a long way since I started teaching myself, and I am finally comfortable enough to enter a photography contest.

Up Up and Away - View from airplane window during international flight.
Rain Rain Go Away Umbrella display in Dominican Republic's Cafe Colao
Cali Sunset Beautiful lakeside sunset in Sacramento California
Cotton Clouds - Clouds emerging in the mountains of Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic
Tour de Eiffel Eiffel Tower vs. the clouds in the sky

I am an Artist from Brooklyn who specializes in . I am currently building a non-profit organization to help support independent aspiring Artists by providing them a space, platform and resources to help them create art, enhance and build their artist portfilio. After providing art classes in after school programs throughout the NYC, we finally have a studio location in Bushwick, NY. 


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