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Marianela Ferreyra



My work represents a physical-mental self-analysis where I reflect on the scope of practices in psychiatric medicine. I question the searches in the doctor-patient relationship. The way that defines my behaviors and my internal experience is circular, it is repeatedly proposed to transform them into straight lines, which at some point, at variable times, intersect. I perceive myself in parts, in cycles, in turning points. My visual poetics addresses emotional voids and ways to fill them, self-control and dependency. I say something about a pain always latent, mixed with the spirit of being the construction of something new every day. 

Representative self-portrait of the borderline states of euphoria and depression
Representative pictorial self-portrait of a body directed by two types of mentality
Behind a simple violent act there is a complex explanation, impossible to justify the results
Laguna, visual poetry - July 2020 My blood is cloudy, mixed with water, immobile lagoon. My broken unit floats, sinks, is lost, is configured in a new form of resistance. The wind directs the spirits, a greater force drives away death. Intermittent electrical impulses trigger my wounded body.
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