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Open Call- Paid Workshop Facilitator






We hope you have been well and are finding moments of joy in the craziness of these times <3

Collective.aporia is currently seeking facilitatators for our 2021 online workshops: 

What is collective.aporia?

Collective.aporia is an international, online arts collective focused on fostering radical peace and creativity through accessible arts workshops, *apo-press, and professional development support. We began our journey in August 2019, and have already seen substantial growth, including fully-booked workshops, an increase in global followers, and the ability to expand our reach in the community, such as with our Innisfree Workshop Series. You can read more about our mission in our manifesto.  


What would facilitating a workshop entail?

Our workshops are a month long and require the facilitator to record four 45-60 minute videos (one video per week). We also ask that you be available for at least one round of feedback for the participants, as well as help facilitate discussion on the designated Slack channel at least once a week. The topic of the workshop can be about anything you are interested in, as long as it aligns with collective.aporia’s overall mission for inclusivity, creativity, and accessibility. 

In addition to the four videos, you will be asked for the following: 

  • A promotional video (less than 2 minutes) introducing yourself and the workshop
  • A workshop description, including goals, materials needed, the amount of participants you would like, etc. 
  • Your photo and bio
  • A marketing image with a CC license. If you cannot find one you like, we are happy to provide you with options. 
  • A required debrief/feedback meeting at the end of the workshop

Collective.aporia will take care of all the marketing and promotion for the workshop, but we do encourage you to share the posts on your own social media platforms. 


Will I be paid?

YES! One of the main goals of collective.aporia is to actually pay artists for their work. That being said, we operate as a small nonprofit, meaning we survive on donations. All donations given by your workshop participants will be split with you 50/50 in a co-op model. Our 50% goes back into the collective to pay for marketing and operation expenses, as all of the collective.aporia team works on a volunteer basis. You will receive your stipend after the debrief/feedback meeting at the end of the workshop. 


Where do I sign up?

If you would like to facilitate a workshop, please send the following details to collective.aporia@gmail.com with the subject "Workshop Proposal":

  • A short (2-4 paragraphs) proposal explaining the idea for your workshop, how you will engage participants working with different art mediums, and at least 2 overall goals. Please also inlclude how your workshop relates to collective.aporia's overall mission. 
  • A short explanation of your prior teaching experience and pedagogical values. It is okay if you have never formally taught before. Explain the experiences that you believe have prepared you for leading a workshop. 
  • A short bio.

Thank you again for your interest. We are sending lots of love and magic your way. 






One Month

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Aurora Early learning child Care Centre







At Aurora Early Education, we understand the dreams every parent has for their child. All parents and carers want their children to live joyful and fulfilled lives, to learn, to grow and have the resilience to overcome the obstacles of life. At Aurora, we share these very same dreams and hopes for every child we have the privilege to educate. Our Early Education centres have grown from these dreams, bringing together the very best in education, training and methodology.



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