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Cycles training > dance like yourself




Dance for All Movers, cycles practice, alignment principles, moving with expression, vocal freedom, self-creation, exchange/mentoring.

​Practice and deepen expression through awareness, alignment and coordination of simultaneous action, attending to breath, impulse and energy, mobility, strength, power with ease, using the CYCLES Practice approach.. CYCLES is relevant & designed for all bodies & all forms of movement allowing & guiding each person to work within personal needs, challenges & references. Discover, recover & build ease, strength, creative expression & pleasure whether doing highly stylized, technical and-or improvisational dance, with fitness & awareness training built in.

Online: Mondays 10am to start the week     Fridays 8am to greet the day

             live Toronto time​ (afternoon EU, evening EastAsia)  for all people

             Is another time better? Send a request. Can't make it live, Recording can be available by pre-arangement

Design of the Sessions: > 0:00 Flow infinite patterns (with drawing writing) > > 0:15 Breath, power > 0:25 Plasticity Fluidity Mobility (full body) > 0:50: dance like yourself​​ >  link lets you in directly so join what you can, you won't be disturbing

Email to register and for online link:

$15-20-25-30/class. Discount for pre-registration. Pkg cards & mentoring by arrangement

It’s all about the practice. Low on cash… PWYC if & when you can... we’ll figure it out.

​Sessions are structured for participants to work at their maximum capacity within their area of personal expertise, skill and age and can be experienced as both high and low impact depending on your interests and needs. Professionals and ALL movers.

Cross-genre. All Abilities. All Access.

Languages: English, French, translation available on request. 

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October-December 2021
Friday, October 1, 2021 - 10:00 to Friday, December 31, 2021 - 12:30
Upon Request

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Led by Maxine Heppner > Evolving since the 1970’s, through dance, theatre, traditional & arts, as well as neuroscience research, Maxine’s career in performance has led to her CYCLES approach that does not presume aesthetic preferences, but examines impulse, energy & the expressive natures of mobility’s many forms.

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