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Bio-dance-body Creative Lab


Notification of expiration: 

This is a special training for actors and dancers who wish to specialize in Dance-theater, video-dance and achieve better creative tools through the Bio-dance-body Creative Lab. This is an online practice that aims to develop solo presentations, video-dance material and share those as a final result of this Lab.

Our first group will meet every Saturday of November from 10am to 12pm (EST Timezone). 

Some of the topics we will see: Assemblage & Feedback for personal solos + Body Energetics & Bio-DanceTraining + Body Awareness Techniques + Video-Dance guidance and Edition of video materials

We also offer a Digital Certificate from La Pach@cademy/La Pacha Apapacha.

12 hours
Upon Request

Host & Provider:


Juliana Spínola _ CEO & Founder of La Pacha Apapacha

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