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We would like to offer a 6 week workshop held bi-weekly with a rich selection of experienced, nonprofessional & professionally trained dance, theatre, movement, performers & dancers, each exploring movement sound, space and light. These practitioners are each active in there practice as well as recognised educators. 
This course has been adapted for the use of dancers outside the professional industry. With focus on the untrained in dance and movement we would like to investigate all of you whom enjoy dancing whilst documenting the process of movement in practice. The 6 weeks will consist of various workshops covering a variety of discussions, guests, movement sessions and creative practice. As well as being documented there will also be a final performance for the purpose of film and stage. (This is optional) 

'Am I a Dancer' is keen to find adults who may have danced earlier in life and contain an urge, dancing in their kitchen or letting their hair down at a family wedding. We would like all who consider movement and music to apply. This concept grew from our own friends, family, parents and grandparents actively moving but not finding the time to dance or having left it in the past due to circumstance. Many of whom never had a chance to train/study within drama, dance and theatre industries in the past and struggle to see a place in education for the future. We understand the opportunity to continue or pursue their career in this field can be unsettling and circumstances see us elsewhere which is why we’d like to gather and move, create and perform inviting friends family if you so wish to showcase. 

Join the workshop to be inspired, challenged and have a space for self-exploration through movement. As part of the process these workshops going to be documented/filmed and presented as a final product for the benefit of our students. Your input here is optional. 

At the end of the course we're planning to have one rehearsal and one showcase. The rehearsal will involve being in a space and doing as you wish revising the last 6 weeks influences, moving with your chosen music in preparation for the showcase. Here participants can choose to demonstrate what they may have been influenced by from previous weeks as well as exploring their movements in a friendly space / feel free to show off and show up. The option to devise / create as a group or solo is yours. The showcase is very light indeed, there is no pressure to be involved, you can just watch although we are very happy to watch and film you for the duration of 10-15 minutes. Your decision. This is a chance for someone to perform on stage in the realm of dance and movement practice. 

Enrol now, first workshop starts on the 17th of September, 2016 at St Margaret's House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PL. 

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