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This photo was inspired with the intent of being a joke with germaphobes. However, put in the content of today's world events, the photo just kind of emulates everybody's fear of being touch...
"Today at the luncheon of the boating party", from the series "Partying in the time of COVID-19". Because of the Covid prevention measures, I found another way to go out and be with friends.
Together apart. The house takes on a new form, acting as both a shelter and a prison, requiring us to rewrite our relationship with it. Unable to escape or run we must learn how to be here now, findin...
#quarantineandchill is a series of visuals showing the impact of covid-19 and responding to the current situation. In this one showing the most recent news of Boris Johnson is positive of Corona Virus...
A reminder to be kind to yourself and practise self love whilst at home so that we can continue to love and support others through this difficult time.