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Job Level:

Position type:

Contract type:

NTD73,640(Depending on personal achievements, additional salary will be given)
Application Deadline: 


  • Beginning Teachers: Hold a doctoral degree domestically or abroad in the field of conservation of cultural relics (conservation science, materials science related to cultural relics)

Beginning Teachers refer to within 2 years from the date of obtaining a doctorate degree to the date of recruitment announcement (excluding male military service years) that do not have the qualifications of full-time teachers in colleges or above.

  • Non-Beginning Teachers: Hold a doctoral degree domestically or abroad in the field of conservation of cultural relics or qualified as an assistant professor or above recognized by the Ministry of Education before employment begins.

Not Beginning Teachers should meet one of the following conditions:

  • Have 2 pieces of journal articles in the past three years that are published or accepted for publication (acceptance letters need to be attached), which the publication should be at the level of SCI, SSCI, TSSCI, EI, A&HCI, or new THCI (updated in 2016), and the candidate should be the first or corresponding author. Alternatively, the candidate has published a book in the past 3 years, and relevant proof of review and publication need to be attached.
  • Have directed at least one research project in National Science and Technology Council or other central ministries, in addition to one journal article publication that fulfilled the requirements mentioned above.

* Newly hired foreign teacher can submit journal articles that do not fit the standard mentioned above, but it must be journal articles with a legitimate review mechanism.

* If the highest academic qualifications are granted by the NTNU, applicants should have more than two years of research work, professional or professional qualifications similar to the nature of the subjects taught. Whether the aforementioned qualifications are similar to the nature of the subjects taught may be determined by the recruiter.

Minimum required:

  • Classes must be taught in English.
  • Have experience on relevant scientific analysis and research of cultural relics (in relevant institutions or public museums, art galleries), preferably with more than ten years of full-time experience.
  • Have experience in studying abroad or conserving scientific research is preferred.

Documents required:

  • Resume(should include phone number, address, email, education, relevant professional experience and skills.), cover letter and photocopies of relevant certificates.
  • Supporting documents that meet the qualifications of newly hired Non-Beginning Teachers of the College of Art.
  • Appropriate documents that serve as proof of cross-discplinary, international or relevant practical experience.
  • If the highest degree is not granted by an English-speaking country, please attach proof of English proficiency.
  • Please prepare an English presentation file ppt (PowerPoint) with 30- minute content; the whole process should be presented and answered in English.
  • One copy of English course syllabus for each of the three conservation of cultural relics courses in the area of your expertise.


Contact Information:

Please deliver all the documents above by E-mail ( ) before 5 p.m. June 7th, 2023:

[Subject please specify -" Application for Full-time Foreign Teacher of Cultural Relics"]


Those who pass the preliminary review will be notified separately by telephone and will be arranged for interview on a designated date and location. Those who do not attend the interview will be deemed as forfeit.


Contact person: Chen, Chien-Han

Phone: 02-7749-3027

Fax: 02-2369-9814


Address: No. 1, Shida Road, Da'an District, Taipei City 106