Arts Practitioner (Havering Local Curriculum)

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This role is intended to support the development of a new Havering Local Curriculum which aims to engage a wide range of children and young people with a curriculum that is meaningful and challenging; that recognises the value of neighbourhoods, communities, families, cultures and wider locality; and equips them to shape their own futures and that of their local area for the better.

The Curriculum is one strand of the newly established Havering Local Cultural Education Partnership’s (LCEP) Action Plan for 2022/2023 which focuses on the opportunities education and cultural partners can develop together to transform the lives of Havering’s children and young people and better promote the value of culture in education.

The Arts Practitioner will work alongside Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 Education Professionals, and a Local Historian to develop, plan, write and pilot the first phase of this new locally linked curriculum which will be released to all schools in the borough.

The Arts Practitioner should have experience in delivering creative and inspiring community and place based cultural activity for Key Stage 2 and 3 age groups. We are particularly interested in practitioners who work across a range of arts disciplines and demonstrate non-traditional delivery styles. Knowledge of formal education settings and previous experience developing education resources is desirable but not essential.