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Producer, Booker, PR, Curator


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We are very excited to grow our creative family; we are looking for 2-3 people who have knowledge / experience / interest in some of the following:

- Production for live shows (interdisciplinary between dance, music, performance)

- PR / press / plugging mainly focusing but not limited to music releases and gigs

- Booking venues for shows

- Concept development / curation

- Project management


We are a working group of 2-5 people, sharing skills and knowledge to develop concepts and realise artistic projects across disciplines, working with film, music, dance, performance, activism and visual art. You wouldn’t need to have knowledge in all the above listed, you could also very much have a special focus amongst one or some of them. We are working across Europe thus are flexible and open to where you are based. You can work part or full time, we are flexible in what days and what hours besides some group meetings - we will just need to make sense of the work flow / commitment within the group during the beginning phase. It is very important to us that you engage with us longer term rather than just a couple of months. We also care that you have genuine interest in our themes (pop culture / music, visual art, performance, dance, queerness, ecologies, future visions, identity politics).


We strive to reimburse according to experience (always above the recommended minimum wage) or with a daily or monthly fee - depending on the regularity of work.

If someone without relevant experience is interested, we are currently open for some assisting work too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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