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E-commerce Consultant


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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) is seeking a Consultant with experience in a wide variety of e-commerce activities to advise and support CFCCA on investigating commercial income opportunities. Since March 2020, CFCCA’s core commercial activity has been significantly impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They are looking for a consultant who can work with them to refine their approach to generating commercial income through e-commerce and in-turn support them to increase their resilience into 2021 and beyond. This initial strategic support may extend into supporting the Business Development team with implementation, to include related agreements / documentation.

They envisage that discussion and ideas sharing in collaboration with the CFCCA team will be followed by a completed scoping document / report that provides business models for various potential opportunities, taking into account the current limited capacity of the team.

They are looking for an individual or consortium with:

  • Experience of completing a similar scope of work, this can be within or outside the cultural sector.
  • Experience in the practical delivery of e-commerce income streams (with examples of following successful projects through to completion).
  • An interest in CFCCA and their work.


  • Deadline for Expression of Interest: Tue 2nd Mar
  • Interviews: Tue 9th Mar
  • Work to commence by: Tue 23rd Mar
  • Presentation of the completed report by: Tue 4th May
  • Agreed future actions: by Tue 25th May


  • Up to £5,000 (dependant on funding / timeline) to complete this work which should include all expenses. Candidates are invited to provide a budget to help illustrate value for money.
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