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Independent Evaluator


Job Type:


Independent Evaluator

Employer: Z-arts

Deadline for applications: 26th July 2022

Contract: Consultancy

Location: Online

Fee: £10000 fee (40 days over the lifetime of the 3 year project £250 per day)


Z-arts are seeking to employ an Independent Evaluator for an ambitious creative curriculum project, Terri and the Time Machine. The project has been funded through the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF). The programme, Terri and the Time Machine, aims to develop a digital creative curriculum for schools exploring how arts and culture can directly support learning, with a particular focus on the Year 3 Science curriculum. Funding has been secured to develop the project over three years. The first year will be a pilot year working with three local schools.

We know that arts-based learning can effectively support the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths: offering students who find it harder to engage via traditional teaching methods a chance to make real progress. There is an amazing opportunity for education and culture to collaborate on a large scale and address prohibitive cost issues attached to arts-based learning.

This project is targeted to discover:

-Can a year-long theatrical narrative delivered at a distance help increase motivation, engagement, aspiration, and achievement in Year 3 learners?

-Can digital technologies be used to create sustainable, high-quality but affordable arts-based learning programmes for schools?

-What are the challenges and opportunities of these new methods for creative education?

-Within those three core questions we are particularly interested in:

-How can we best embed a science capital approach within our programme?

-What are the most engaging activities and story elements for children facing socio-economic and language barriers to learning? 

-Which activities have the most impact on children’s understanding of what it means to do science?

-How can teachers best be supported to deliver creative STEAM activities in the classroom and playground? 

-What are the most rewarding and most challenging elements for teachers to deliver without expert support in the room, and how can we best develop teachers’ skills and confidence?


We also know there’ll be lots of unexpected learning, and our reflective process is designed to encourage responsive action learning throughout the 40 month programme.


Z-arts want to commission an experienced evaluator who is able to help develop our ethical evaluation methods and ensure we deliver a safe and robust programme, meeting the aims and objectives set out in the delivery plan to enable us to create an in-depth evaluation which feeds into future planning and legacy for the project. The evaluator will be supported by a Programme Development Panel (PDP). The evaluator and the PDP will meet on a termly basis (more frequent if required) to review progress and evaluate as the programme moves through each stage.

We welcome applications from consultancy organisations or partnerships as well as individuals.

We expect the evaluator to support us in deploying a mixed methodology to identify if we are achieving our outcomes.

-Baseline data collection at the start of each academic year matched to end-of-year data collection

-Teacher questionnaires and testimony

-Debrief sessions for artists and teachers, post-Zoom online and in-person each half-term

-Gathering immediate feedback from artists and teachers on successes, challenges, and surprises

-Observation sessions in school, including in-person interviews with small groups of students. At least one observation session per school per term.

-Detailed discussions with school leadership and curriculum teams about how the project supports school improvement plans and curriculum development particularly with regard to STEM (STEAM). We’ll also consider how we are supporting Ofsted’s education inspection framework and Cultural Capital agenda.


-Education and experience

-Fluency in written and spoken English.

-Mastery of evaluation and reporting techniques.

-Some experience in creative learning and/or arts-based community projects 

-Experience in conducting focus groups and evaluation interviews with children and young people. 

-Ability to analyse and synthesise and excellent reporting skills 

-Excellent social and interpersonal skills.

-Ability to access online sessions

-Ability to commit to deadlines and produce quality work in a short timeframe


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